Thracian Empire

The Empire of Thrace


The Empire of Thrace is the largest and most powerful nation in the Known World. Founded by the God-Emperor Justinian, it has existed for over 1,000 years. The empire has slowly fallen into a state of decline during the last couple of centuries. It recently experienced a brief period of turbulence, marked by foreign invasion and civil war after the death of Justinian. Order was eventually restored by the Karameikian Dynasty which heralded a resurgence of the empire for a short time.

- Bishop Ezekiel Durand, The Decline of Eastern Civilization

Birth of the Empire

After the cataclysmic event known as the Crucible which destroyed the Nethyr Empire, the world was thrown into a period of anarchy. During this turbulent time the world knew only war, famine and calamity. It only ended with the rise of a powerful group of beings known simply as The Immortals.

They strode forth and carved out their own personal fiefdoms which they ruled with complete autonomy. One of the most powerful of the immortals was known as Justinian, the God-Emperor of Thrace.

He started first in the Pannion Peninsula, conquering and uniting the many city-states and petty kingdoms that had sprang up after the fall of the Nethyarii. He then drafted and trained the first Imperial Legionaries and built the first Imperial warships.

The Empire Expands


By the 400th Year of the Founding of the Empire (YE), the other Immortals ruled over a group of collection pf powerful city-states. The Empire of Thrace was by far the largest domain among all of the immortal and controlled most of the Sea of Dread, the southern territories and all of the Thracian Peninsula.

In 450 YE, Thrace annexed the Alasiyan Desert and quickly conquered the eastern coastal lands along the Sea of Dawn. By 500 YE, the empire.had begun to expand westward. At the height of its power the empire stretched as far west as the Malpheggi Swamp and all the way north to the Iron Shores.

The Empire of Thrace, 600 YE

Barbarians at the Gate

In 610 YE, the empire was invaded by three different tribes of barbarians. This coordinated invasion, pointed at a grand conspiracy against the Empire by perpetrators unknown. The empire lost the western provinces ofTraladar and Ravenna to the Hattian Tribes. The entirety of the Alysian Desert was conquered by the horse nomads known as the Thamud. They also lost the island of Zanzibar to a hence unknown sea people known as the Zanj.

Fall of Traladar

Recent Events

The island of Zanibar was recaptured in 780 YE in a surprise naval invasion by the empire. The empire beat the Zanj into submission and they became loyal imperial citizens for a time. The empire however continued to lose territory. They would lose their northern most province of Dappakosea, in 893 YE to invading hordes of barbarians known as the Danes. They also started to lose territory to Triton, the Kingdom of Storms in the Sea of Dread.

Sea Elves of Triton

In 940 YE, the empire reclaimed the former province of Traladar after the barbarian kingdom that ruled it for centuries eventually collapsed due to a civil war.

After the assassination of Emperor Justinian 966 YE, the Empire was torn apart by civil war and foreign invaders.The province of Ivorea, was invaded by the Danes and was abandoned by the empire.

In 968 YE, Stefan Karameikos was raised to the purple. During his reign the empire was stabilized and the boundaries of the empire reestablished.

The Empire of Thrace, 1013 YE

Province of the Empire

Former Provinces of the Empire

Life in the Empire

Thracian Empire

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