The Immortals

The Immortals

They was once a group of slaves who toiled under the lash of the Nethyr Empire. There hatred of their masters was their bond. They conspired to destroy their masters and devised a ritual that would allow them to do just that. The unleashed the Crucible and killed millions, destroying the Nethyarii civilization forever. It is said that the used this death and destruction to grant themselves immortality. They became the Immortals and they would rule the Known World.

List of Known Immortals

Justinian the Undying, God-Emperor of Thrace

The Great Crone – Powerful enchantress who lived in the Malpheggi Swamp for centuries. She died the same year as Justinian, killed by an unknown assailant.


The Prince – Founder and ruler of the CIty-State of Cinnabar. He was rivals with Justinian, Lillian the Queen of Thorns and the Arch Lich for centuries. He was assassinated in 994 YE by a mysterious assassin who some claim was an elf.

The Arch Lich – Founder and ruler of Zahara, the City-State of the Crystal Flame. He is a shadowy figure who very few have ever actually seen in person. He rarely leaves his palace and has never be known to leave his city. He is one of the two known living immortals left.

Zartan Wave Thunder – Founder and king of Triton, the Kingdom of Storms. He was the younger brother to the Queen of Thorns. He was at war with the Empire of Thrace, but was killed by General D’mitiri Hastinov at the Second Battle of Fort Doom. Through there have been whispers that this is a lie and that someone else killed him.


The Lord of Horses – A mysterious figure, he once ruled all of The Great Grass Sea (The Boundless Greensward). He fathered the tribe of barbarians known as the Skythos and then disappeared sometime around 600 YE.

Liliana the Thorn Queen – Ruler of the Forest Kingdom of Canolbarth, she is the leader of the Erendyl, also known as the Leaf Nomads. She was the older sister of Zartan Wave Thunder. No race but elves are allowed in her kingdom and it is rumored that she had The Prince of Cinnabar murdered for some slight.


The Immortals

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