Province of Traladar

Traladar, Exarchate of


This part of the Empire of Thrace had always been a wild and lightly settled land. Over the history of the Empire many great battles have been fought over this land. During the reign of Stefan the Great, the province was transformed into one of them most developed and richest thanks to an abundance of natural resources.

Pre-Imperial History

During the Age of the Nethyr, the region was province of the Nethyr Empire. During the events of the Crucible, the land experienced earthquakes and volcanic eruptions which destroyed many towns, temples and garrisons. The Beastmen soldiers of the Nethyraii, who were now masterless, quickly carved the province into petty kingdoms.

Imperial Conquest

The Empire of Thrace annexed the province 210 YE. The Thracians Legions marched in and drove the beastmen out of the area. Initially, the empire focused on settling the coastal regions and built the city of Specularum overlooking Mirros Bay. Over time, they began to focus on settling the river plains in the central lands.

Barbarian Invasion

In 550 YE, the Immortal known as the Lord of Horses began his genocidal march across the Great Grass Sea, many of the barbarian tribes fled and migrated to other lands. The Hattians, were one of those tribes that migrated south over the Altan Tepes mountains down in to land known as Traladar. The land at the time was under the domain of the Thracian Empire. The empire welcomed them as new arrivals and quickly used them to help expand the empire.

The Thracian government treated the Hattians poorly, conscripting their young men into the legions and many of their young women were whisked off to pleasure palaces in the east. After years of abuse, a leader rose up among the Hattians named Grigor Halav and he united the families and led a rebellion against the empire. In 638 AT, he led an army that drove the empire out of Traladar. In 640 AT, He was crowned the High King of Traladara and set about creating a kingdom for his people.

In the year 840 A.T., Ishkhan the Third, 10th and final True High King of Traladara was killed at the Battle of Wolf’s Den. The next hundred years saw the kingdom fall apart as multiple claimants stepped forward trying to claim the throne. The kingdom was plunged into civil war. Famine, pestilence and war marched across the land killing hundreds of thousands. A number of Hattian Noble Families lead by House Petra sought help from their ancient enemies the Thracians. They convinced a young senator name Karameikos to support their faction and helped them retake the country.

The Reconquest of Traladar

In the year 940 A.T., Senator Karameikos led 7 imperial legions and invaded the crumbling kingdom and claimed it as a province of the Thracian Empire once more. The Hattian House Zirchev and House Vanya with many of their vassals attempted to fight back. For a short time they held the western part of Traladara. Then newly appointed Exarch Stefan Karameikos sent in his cousin the Black Eagle, who razed the western marches and massacred the Hattians last army and wiped out House Vanya.

After the assassination of Emperor Justinian in 966 YE, the Empire was torn apart by civil war and foreign invaders. The northern counties including the strategic towns of Threshold and Kelven were razed by an undead army. The western counties were under attack by the Sea Elves. They had sacked Fort Doom and killed Stefan’s cousin the Black Eagle.

Traladar was firmly on the side of Stefan and rallied behind him as he fought to save the province and the empire. At the Battle of the Forks, Stefan retook the town of Kelven and killed the false Emperor Leto the IV.

Current Day

  • Location: East of Thrace, west of Cappadocia
  • Area: 46,750 sq. mi. (105,188 km2)
  • Population:
    • 351,000 humans (80% Thyatian, 20% Traladaran)
    • 81,000 demi-humans (90% elves, 5% gnomes, 3% dwarves, 2% hin).
  • Languages:
    • Common (Thracian)
    • Hattian
    • Elvish
    • Dwarven
  • Industries:
    • Logging
    • Mining (gold and silver)
    • Agriculture.


The current Exarch of Traladar is Sextius Galatian, a distant cousin to the Emperor Maxentius Galatian. He is known to be a dour man with a sour disposition. He is advised by the provincial council composed of the Imperial High Mage Aris Heartfire, Praetor Marcus Brutus commander of the provinces military forces, Patriarch Rosta the Rooster of the local temple of the Winged Sun, Quaestor Oppius Sinianio, and Provincial Aedile Galus Veruso.


The Exarchate is divided into six Prefectures each governed by a Prefect who chosen by the Exarch,

The Six Prefectures

  • Ourosco – Located in the north western portion of the province, it is bordered to the west by the former province of Cappadocia, the borderlands to the north, the prefecture of Halag to the south and Kelven to the east. The seat of the prefecture is located in the town of Siandonas.
  • Halag – Located in the western part of the province, it is flanked by the Gulf of Halag to the west and the Sea of Dread to the south. The prefecture of Ourosco sits to its north and Marilenev to the east. The seat of the prefecture is located in the might fortess, Turos Mávros Aetós, The Black Eagle Fortress.
  • Marilenev – Located in the heart of Traladar, this is the one of the most developed prefectures in the province. The capital of the province of Specularum is located here.
  • Vorloi- Located in the ……
  • Rigalov – Located in the ……
  • Kelven – Kelven is located north of Marilenev and has one of the longest borders with the borderlands. The seat of the prefecture is located in the city of Kelven.

Important Settlements

Specularum, the provincial capital, lies on the west bank of the River, at the intersection of the West Road and the King’s Roads. The city sprawls over a number of small, rolling hillocks that cradle a large lake known as Mirror Bay, which takes its name from its smooth, placid nature. One hill rises higher than the others and is known simply as “The Hill.” Atop this dominant feature sits the governor’s palace. Two great walls ring the city, and portions of the old city within are walled off as well.

Kelvin is a major trade city at the heart of the nation. Almost all trade goods from the northern lands of the kingdom will pass through this walled city. A sturdy stone bridge allows caravans to cross Hillfollow River at the city gates. The dwarves of High Forge use the Kelven Riverside Docks to transport their goods also.

High Forge

Turos Mávros Aetós is the mighty fortress that is the linchpin of the province’s and the empire’s western defenses. Overlooking Halag Bay, the fortress is the home of the XII and XV Legion.
High Forge, an Imperial Dwarven City and County, located in the Prefecture of Kelven.

Rifllian, is large town that is located in the Marilenev Prefecture. Once a sleepy village who population was a mixture of humans, High Elves and Wood Elves, it population has exploded due to an influx of elven refugees. After the fall of the Imperial Elven City of Selenica, many of the high elves who lived there fled south. Over 7,000 high elves arrived in Traladar, many of them taking refuge in Rifllian.

Province of Traladar

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