Mityara the Noble Lady

Mityara, Mother of Mercy


  • Titles: Noble Lady, Mother of Mercy
  • Spheres of Influence: Peace, Civic Duty, Marriage
  • Holy Symbols: Alabaster statuette and Ivory torch
  • Sacred Animals: Dove and Unicorn
  • Major Holiday: None


Mityara is the Noble Lady, goddess of peace and civic duty. She is symbolized with either an ivory lady with her arm outstretched, or with an ivory torch. Her sacred animal is the dove. Her priestesses are known as the Keepers of the Hearth Fire.

The Keepers of the Hearth Fire, sacred to Mityara, are perhaps the most revered of the orders. The priestesses of this virgin sisterhood maintain the sacred fires and pure waters of the city, regulate the public morals, oversee marriages and births, and supervise hospitals, orphanages, and almshouses. The Keepers have the power to grant mercy to convicted criminals, which often places them in opposition to the less-merciful Temple of Justice and Brotherhood of the Eclipse.

Mityara the Noble Lady

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