Experience and Advancement

Gaining Experience

Characters gain XP from defeating or outwitting monsters, beasts or antagonists.

Characters gain XP from treasure they recover from the dungeon or wilderness and bring back to civilization. For purposes of earning XP, “civilization” is the nearest friendly town or stronghold. Sometimes figuring out how to get a dragon’s hoard back to town can be an adventure in itself.

The characters receive 1XP per 1 gold piece (gp) value of coin, gems, jewelry, and special treasure (e.g., art, furs, silks) recovered on adventures.

If the characters recover equipment on adventures, they must immediately sell the equipment for coin to get XP. If they keep the equipment for later use, they receive no XP from it.

If the party recovers magic items on an adventure, and sells them without using them, they receive 1XP per 1gp earned in the sale. If the characters use the magic items, they do not get any XP, even if they later sell them.

Characters do not earn treasure XP from wages earned or business transactions – this is not treasure recovered from an adventure.

Characters do not earn treasure XP from recovering monster parts on adventures – this is experience from monsters.

Character Advancement

When a character has accumulated enough XP to go up in level, the player should do the following:

  1. Note down the character’s new level and title and the number of XP needed to advance to the next level.
  2. Roll for additional hit points using the appropriate hit die, adding his character’s Constitution bonus or penalty. Hit points always increase by at least one point, regardless of the character’s Constitution.
  3. Check to see if the character has improved or gained any class abilities and write them down on the character sheet.
  4. Choose any new proficiency from the Proficiencies chapter and any new spells from the Spells chapter that the character may be eligible for.
  5. Update the character’s attack throws and saving throws.

Characters can never earn enough experience to advance 2 levels or more in one adventure.

Experience and Advancement

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