Elves of the Known World

The Elves of the Known World

The Elves of the continent of Brun aka the Known World have a long and storied history. They once ruled a powerful empire known as Argodane, that competed with the ancient Nethyr Empire and Matlatzinca, the kingdom of the cold ones. Over the millenniums that past, the fortunes of the elves rose and fell with their empire finally collapsing. When the Nethyr Empire was destroyed, the elves had split into three different cultures spread across the world, the elves of the Aquarendi (sea), Erendyl (forest) and Callarii (mountains).

The Aquarendi founded Triton, the Kingdom of Storms, in the Sea of Dread under the leadership of the immortal elven lord Zartan Wave Thunder. They of all of the elves are the most traditional, having revived the ancient traditions of their lost empire.

The Erendyl, also known as the Leaf Nomads, are spread out all across the known world. They have abandoned their old empire ways and have embraced an even older culturally tradition. It is one that harkens back to the age when elves were creatures of the forest and lived with their gods. The largest group, known as the Verdier, live in the Forest Kingdom of Canolbarth founded by the immortal elven ruler Liliana the Thorn Queen. There are smaller communities of Erendyl located across the known world. In the Thracian Empire there are the Vyalia Clan, in the Kingdom of Rorn there are the Geffronfell Clan, and in the Heldann Free Holds there are the Duneshiye Clan.

The Callarii, also known as the High Elves, are primarily located into two regions. There are the Shaya (Imperial) Elves of Thrace and the Issarthyl of Zahar. The Imperial Elves of all of the elves are closest to humans. They embraced human culture and civilization; in turn they have had a distinct impact on the development of the Empire.

Elf Physiology

Elves are beautiful demi-humans that average 5 ½’ tall, with lithe builds and graceful features. Elves are ageless, always appearing in the prime of life, and can live for upwards of two centuries if not slain in battle. Their skin is always fair, while their hair color ranges from blue-black to platinum, and their eyes are amber, blue, golden, hazel, or violet.

Male Elf
• Base Weight: 85 lbs.
• Modifier: +3d20 lbs.
• Base Height: 5’
• Modifier: +1d12”

Female Elf
• Base Weight: 80 lbs.
• Modifier: +3d20 lbs.
• Base Height: 4’10
• Modifier: +1d12”

Starting Age By Class
• Spell Blade – 75+5d4
• Night Blade – 75+5d4
• Elven Enchanter – 80+5d4
• Elven Ranger- 70+5d4

Elves of the Known World

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