Dwarves of the Known World

The History of the Dwarves


Origins of the Sub-human Species, the Dwarf

Excerpt from Treaties on the lesser races of the Known World by Marcus Niko

It is said that the dwarves were little more than hairy little animals living deep within caves afraid to venture out into the world due to their diminutive size. When the Nethyarii stumbled across them they were original kept as pets. As time went along the Nethyarii taught these creatures many tricks, like how to walk upright, to dress, and to groom them, they even taught them how to speak. Over time they discovered this creature had a knack for mining and stonework. They then dubbed these creatures Dwarves.

The Marvelous Foundry of the Fantastic

Excerpt from Wonders of the Nethyarii Empire by Sarsi Starlight

During their war, with the Kingdom of Zahra, the Nethyarii built a magnificent foundry to forge arms and armor for their soldiers. The foundry was located……
nside of the incredible foundry was one hundred enchanted forges which could produce enchanted blades and enscrolled armor. We, the elves, were the first smiths to work those forges. No one has yet to match the grandeur of those magnificent arms. Prime examples of our works are……..

…………….We were then banished from the forges and replaced by the sniveling, boot-licking, grubby curs known as the dwarves. These hairy little sycophants did whatever the Nethyarii told them to do, right through the Age of the Tyrants. During the fall of the Nethyarii Empire, those sneaky dirt grubbers, in the dark of night, stole all of the forges and hide them away in their dank caves, refusing to share them with the other races.

The Forging of the Clans
A Dwarven story handed down from father to son.

Know this my son; it was the last days of the Old Masters.
Their great empire was crumbling and the young races were breaking away.
We, the dwarves, however were loyal to the very end,
The last Foundry Master, Isk’taru, came and told us a great doom was coming, the foundry would be destroyed and everything lost.
He bade us, take the forges out of the capitol and secure them
One Hundred, Ten and One Forges there were.
The One True Forge was kept by Isk’taru and lost forever
One was taken by Ringold, the Sea Elf, for his people of the Coral Isles
Nine were taken by our cousins, the Gnomes, hidden in secret places
One Hundred were left, one each, given to a Dwarf Master Smith
We took the forges and left in the dark of night
We journeyed east to the great mountains of Cruth.
From our peaks we saw the Crucible, the end of the Old Masters and we wept
We held a great conclave and we set forth the rules by which we live today.
100 Forges, 100 Clan, Each Clan ruled by a Lord of the Vault
Beneath him were the Captains of his Clan’s Companies
Beneath the Captains where the Clansmen,
They who are the backbone of the Dwarven Clan

The Great Dwarven Clans

The Hammer of the Demons

Dwarves of the Known World

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