Duvan’ku, The Death Tyrant


During the Late Dynasty Period of the Nethyr Empire, the empire was ruled by a series of powerful despots. This period of time is more commonly known as the Age of the Tyrants. Of all of the Tyrants none was more feared than Duvan’ku the Undying, the Death Tyrant. He was a powerful priest-king who worshiped Dirgion and a skilled necromancer. He desired to make the Empire eternal and undying by making it an empire of the undead.

He began his quest first by torturing and killing his entire court. His most loyal general, advisors and concubines were tortured and killed in horrific ways. Using the blackest magic he raised them from the dead as an unholy court of undeath. He then had his own followers torture him. After seven days and seven night of unending agony he died. He arose from death as the ultimate form of the living dead, he had become a Lich.

He then ordered the construction of temples across the empire. These temples soon became charnel houses as hundreds of thousands of humans, demi-humans, and humanoids were driven into the temples where they were tortured and butchers as sacrifices to Dirgion. Of those that were sacrificed, a select few returned to life as the undead.

Duvan’ku’s reign of terror finally came to an end when the powerful Nethyr General known as the Sumu-la-El the Kin Slayer led a coup against the Death Tyrant. He launched a surprise assault on the capitol and slaughtered the Tyrant’s court. He fought an perosnal battle with the Tyrant that shook the city.

They both possessed exalted weapons but neither could gain an upper hand. In the end Sumu-la-El surprised the Tyrant with a specially constructed magical trap. Duvan’ku was suddenly cut-off from his divine and arcane powers and the General was then able to imprison him in a special prison called the Well of Eternal Despair. It is said the tyrant of undeath still waits for the day when his followers will find the well and set him free.

Some followers of Duvan’ku escaped the following purge carried out by the general and hid. They formed secret cults and societies all bent on returning their lord and master to the Known World.


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