Death and Inhertiance

Character’s Death

Character can die, when this occurs, the player may begin to play:

  • A henchman of his deceased character
  • Bring a back-up character into play (if any are available)
  • Roll up a new character

Heirs & Inheritance

Characters are allowed to create a Last Will and Testament that leaves their accumulated treasure to a designated heir. In the event of a player’s characters death, this heir will become their new character.

If this is done, the treasure must be stored with a reputable bank, which will charge a service fee equal to 10% of the total treasure.

A player might try to leave money to an heir through less safe means, such as burying it and leaving a map behind, but this is more risky. They cannot leave it with fellow party members or family members.

A character’s heir is assumed to be a new 1st level character, and a player is only allowed to leave a character inheritance one time.

A player can allow his heir to begin at a higher level by establishing a reserve fund of experience points that will be available to the player should his original character be permanently killed and he needs to roll up an heir. The number of experience points in the reserve is equal to 90% of the gold piece value of money allocated to the reserve.

XP Reserve Fund

Money is allocated to the reserve by spending it to no other tangible game benefit whatsoever. This could include anonymous tithes to churches; reckless spending on wine, women, and song; elaborate funeral pyres for deceased henchmen; and so on.

EXAMPLE: Roberto, a 4th level fighter, returns from a successful adventure laden with gold. In a reckless orgy, he spends 3,400gp carousing through the city of Kelven. As this is money spent to no real in-game benefit, Roberto’s player notes that he has set aside a reserve XP fund of 3,060XP (90% of the amount spent carousing). On his next adventure, he is tragically slain. When Roberto’s player rolls up a new character, he will begin with 3,060XP, which is used to advance his character before play begins.


When characters spend 100gp or more on their reserve XP fund by carousing, the player can choose to make a percentile roll on the Drunken Debauchery table to see exactly how their character spent their money, or what the possible results of their revelry were.

Some results are beneficial, many can serve as the springboard for further adventures, and others are simply fun. In any regard, the Judge determines the specifics of any items and circumstances. In some cases, the Judge may apply the same result to all characters in the group in order to better facilitate further adventures

Death and Inhertiance

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