Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

The Final Battle
Innelen, 15th-19th

The Black Ziggurat

The party having resupplied, headed out to launch their final attack on the Hidden Temple. Their resolve to stop the Lady Below was strong and they would not be stopped. They reached the temple at the same time as a group of bugbears leading a coffle of prisoners from Türos Astor. A short fight ensued and the prisoners were liberated. The prisoners left heading towards the safety of the Midway Inn. The party entered the crack in the stone hill.

The party entered the temple without any resistance, but instead of fighting their way through the halls and rooms they climbed on the roof of the temple and quickly spotted a black ziggurat. Stealthily approaching, they soon found themselves gazing down into a courtyard. A group of gnolls and kobolds were leading another coffle of prisoners down into the ziggurat. The party quickly devised a plan and launched an attack on the gnolls.

The plan was a success, the beastmen were caught off guard and killed quickly. However the fighting alerted the master of the ziggurat, Idimmu the Demonic. The black dragon quickly cast mirror image on himself and the party witnessed three dragons come roaring out of the ziggurat. Idimmu unleashed his breath weapon killing all of the prisoners and gravely injuring Vilhelmus. Brother Merrin quickly used a prayer to remove the rotting disease that threatened to kill Vilhelmus,


Ivanova and Garrick fired arrows and bolts at the dragon, shattering two of the mirror images. Lozan pulled out a green potion she had acquired from the treasure hoard of Agrippa. Swallowing the potion, Lozan grew to twice her height. As the dragon moved to attack, she ran up the ziggurat and sprang off of it. She slammed into the dragon mid-air and threw him to the ground. Vilhelmus ran forward and drove his sword into its heart, killing the dragon.

The party took some time to recover, it was during this time they discovered another ancient treasure room. Taking stock they grabbed a few choice items and they all decided to press on. Stopping at the top of the temple, they smashed the evil altar. They quickly found Idimmu’s treasure hoard and picked through it. They discovered an enchanted blade that once belongs to one of Lozan’s Blade Dancer Sisters, the one that was recently murdered. Lozan took the blade named Death Drinker and promised to use it to destroy her sister’s murderers.

The Blood Lake

Thanks to Oberron previous scouting trip of the catacombs, the heroes knew where the Outer Fane was. Oberron led them down from the ziggurat into the catacombs. The party quickly noticed that there was a lack of beastmen or undead activity, as if the temple had been emptied.

The party soon found themselves on the shores of the lake of blood and saw for the first time, the great tree made of flesh. As a paladin of Fionnghuala the Fair Shouldered, a goddess of sisterhood, sacred pools, water birds and deep and hidden magic, Ivanova saw it as abomination against nature itself and moved to cut down the tree. As she stepped into the blood, it recoiled from her as if touch her would be anathema. She strode towards the tree parting the waters of the lake.

Abominations lurking within the lake moved to attack her but where repealed by the faith of Brother Merrin. The tree attempted to defend itself but the party fought off its tendrils. Ivanova with aid from the party destroyed the tree.

The Outer Fane

The party pressed on and entered the Outer Fane, they were confronted by Ur-Namu, High Priest of Sakkara and his catechists reinforced with deathless minions. Avery let forth with his burning hands and incinerated many of the minions while Brother Merrin cast silence to stop the catechists from casting spells. The party made short work of the catechists. Ur-Namu escaped out the back, running towards the Inner Fane and the Lady Below.


After dispatching all of the enemies, the heroes defiled the altar and icons of Sakkara. They left the Inner Fane and heading down the passageway that the High Priest had ran down.

The Inner Fane

The party strode into the Inner Fane and quickly realized they had walked into a trap. A horde of skeletons and zombies filled the room. The Stone of Sakkara sat atop an altar of bone that rises from an image of a massive serpent eating its own tail carved onto a dais in the center of the 70’ wide, egg-shaped cavern. Veins and fleshy “roots” grew around and through the bones of this altar, knitting them together in a blasphemous whole. The tendrils spread across the floor, past a ring of burning braziers stationed around the altar, and grow up into the ceiling 25’ overhead.

Standing on the altar was Ur-Namu, High Priest of Sakkara and two more of his catechists. Also standing on the altar was a female warrior wearing plate armor and a masked helm, The Lady below herself. Brother Merrin’s spell of silence rendered everyone mute, so he charged towards the altar before anyone could stop him. The undead stepped aside and allowed him. As he approached, The Lady Below took a step forward and decapitated the cleric with one blow from her great ax; this broke the spell of silence.

Most of party was shocked by the sudden charge and equally quick death of Brother Merrin. With the spell gone, The Lady Below took off her helm and addressed the remaining heroes. To the shock of all, the heroes had met her before. The Lady Below was actually the Lady Celena Valerian and she was a Ruinguard, a Fell Paladin of Sakkara!

She took delight in the shock of surprise on their faces. She told them how she had been manipulating them to get to this moment using her doppleganger agent posing as herself in the fort. She needed them to be sacrifices to the Heart of Sakkara, as the blood of heroes made the heart even stronger. And with that battle was joined.

Avery once again let forth with his flames incinerating the undead. Lozan drove back a group of skeletons using her holy symbol. The Lady Below charged the heroes and was soon locked in combat with Ivanova. The battle was bloody as the combat turned into was swirling melee.

Ivanova and Celena exchanged a flurry of ringing blows, each doing damage to other. The two warriors were equally matched. CelenA sacrificed some of her arcane energy and prepared an arcane strike, seeking to end the stalemate with a decisive blow. Ivanova at the same time dropped her shield to take a two handed grip on her sword. Both warriors struck mighty blows, Celena’s great axe ripped through Ivanova’s armor and dealt the paladin a mortal wound. Ivanova sword struck true (Natural 20) and cut off Celena’s head.

Ur-Namu seeing that his mistress was down broke away from the fighting and attempted to seize the heart for himself. Lozan lept forward and drove her sword clear through the priest chest and pierce the Heart of Sakkara while speaking the words that activated the swords dread power. The Heart of Sakkara exploded into a red mist that turned Ur-Namu into protoplasmic goo.

The remaining undead collapsed as the power that once animated was gone. The heroes looked around and quickly tended to the wounded. On the altar, where the stone was stood was not three glowing diamond like shards.

Smoke Rising
Innelen, 15th-19th

July 29th Game Session

Arrival Black Eagle Fortress – Innelen, 13th (Aug 15)

The Wing Lion sailed into the harbor of the Black Eagle Fortress carrying its cargo and passengers. Waiting at the pier was a welcoming party of officials from the fortress and D’mitri Hastinov. The elven emissary Owen Kenabe was greeted and escorted to the Fortress. The rest of the party was put under military guard and also escorted to the fortress.

The party ended up cooling their heels in a well -appointed meeting room for several hours. Servants brought food and drink to them and Vilhelmus was able to write orders for the crew of his ship. Eventually the elderly Hastinov entered the room. After admonishing them for leaving the borderlands, he informs them that all magical communication has stopped with Türos Tem. He informs them that horses have been made ready for them.

The Midway Inn – Innelen, 14th (Aug 16)

The next morning the party gathered supplies including many healing scrolls from the local temples and head towards Türos Tem. By late evening of the first day they reached the Midway Inn. During the night, the party was afflicted by terrible dreams which made them restless.

Türos Tem – Innelen, 15th (Aug 17)

The next morning they awoke to the acrid smell of smoke in the air and a haze had enveloped the inn and the surround countryside. An imperial messenger rode into the caravanesi and his horse promptly died on him. He immediately ordered a fresh mount and rode off again to the Siadanos.
Before he left, the party pressed him for information. He informed them that beastmen had attacked many of the forts, including Türos Tem. The party quickly mounted their horse and rode north. As the party approached the fort, they passed by burning farms and settlements. Columns of smoke could be seen rising from miles away.

The forum was in shambles, stalls destroyed, many buildings showed fire damage or were burned to the ground. A makeshift hospital had been set-up in the forum and many wounded could be seen. Sister Lozan jumped into help with the wounded, when she inquired as to where was Priestess Genelen was out she was meet with silence, one of the healers informed her that the priestess has been killed by infiltrators.


Avery and Garrick split-off from the party and went look for Lynara to get more information. Ivanova, Vilhelmus, Lankeister and Oberron went to check on their villa. The villa was still standing but the servants were all gone and there were signs of a struggle. Ivanova went looking for her friend Koinas the Quartermaster. Vilhelmus and Brother Merrin went looking for other contacts in the fort. Meanwhile, Lozan was busy using her staff of healing to heal as many people as she could. Vilhelmus was able to find the Centurion out on the marshalling field. Piles of dead beastmen were being stacked on pyres.

Siadanos IV – Rocks and Lizards
Innelen, 10th-13th (Aug 12-16)

Siadanos IV – Rocks and Lizards

The group was huddled in the elven quarter waiting for Winged Lion to make port. The Treasury Fleet arrived on the morning of the 12th. Not too far behind it the Winged Lion arrived carrying on board Brother Merrin, Sister Lozan, and Oberron, who had joined the ship in Turos Luln. After the party was united, Vilhelmus spoke with his crew and made arrangements to load the illicit cargo and the party so they could depart for The Black Eagle Fortress. It was during this time the party was approached by two groups. One was the dock master, who the party quickly got rid of using Tycho’s flatulence. The second was the priestess from the New Hellions accompanying an elder elf and entourage. The party now had some VIPs that they needed to get to Black Eagle.

The party set sail down the river to the Gulf of Halag. Along the way, the Black Bull Mercenary Company made one final attempt on the VIP the party was escorting. Using archers and catapults, they tried to sink the ship, but thanks to Vilhelmus’s seamanship and Avery’s magic they were able to escape.


The ship had taken some serious damage during the ambush. The crew did the best they could, but the ships movement was slowed. Vilhelmus decided to anchor near the Viamar Marshes in the evening to waiting out a storm that had swept over the gulf.

During the night, the ship was attacked by a raiding party of Lizardmen. With the help of the crew, the party was able to repeal the attackers. The next morning they set sail and made the trek down the coast and finally arrived at the port of Black Eagle.

Siadanos III - Shadows Over Siadanos
Innelen, 9th-10th (Aug 11-12)

Shadows Over Siadanos

The twin informed the cousins that an important envoy from the Kingdom of Canolbarth was heading to Siadanos and they found out a team of assassin had been dispatched to intercept them. The cousins informed the twin they the Imperial Talons were operating in the town and they were going to kidnap one of them. The four of them devised a plan to stop the assassin and kidnap a talon. It was a good plan and could have worked but no plan survives contact with the enemy, which is why they are the enemy.

The elves set to searching the Third Ward looking for the killer. The elves were looking out for dwarven female mercenary known as Manda. She was reputed to be a member of the Black Bull Company and was staying at the company’s garrison. Meanwhile the cousins had acquired some imperial naval uniforms and were staking out the brothel.

After several hours, the brothers finally spotted her, a busty raven haired dwarven lass armed with an arbalest. She was not alone however as she had three other members of her mercenary guild with her. The group headed south to the Fourth Ward and the West Gate. The elves followed closely behind. The cousin also spotted Muso around this time and he also was not alone, his team was with him, a full Claw. Muso and his men headed down through the Third Ward and into the Fourth Ward also.

Both teams of killers left Siadanos and were heading north, weaving their way through and around the sprawling refugee camp that was there. Manda had spotted the brothers trailing her and used the camp to lose them. The elves in their effort to stop her sparked a riot. As the fighting consumed the camp, the two teams of killers ran into each other and standoff was at hand. It seemed they were both there to kill the same person. The heroes deiced to use this to launch an attack on the killers.

Vilhelmus focused on Muso, attempting to subdue him quickly, while his cousin tore through the other Talons with a terrible ferocity. Manda used the confusion to escape, but Garrick was hot on her heels. Avery killed all of the other members of her team. The fight was shortly over, but the riot was spreading. Vilhelmus and Ivanova secured the unconscious Muso while Avery went to help his brother. Manda had Garrick pinned down, but Avery soon flushed her out. Manda ended up escaping but she was in no position to complete her mission.

The group took Muso north away from the riot and found an empty barn. Ivanova was able to find out that Muso has thought her dead, and that if an Imperial Talon had tried to kill her, where was the rest of his claw and why did they not try to kill her. Ivanova eventually ended Muso’s life. The group then tried to re-enter the city but the gate were closed and no one was being allowed in or out. The party then too the long walk to the Lake District and sought shelter with the elves.

Dawn came early; the smell of smoke from the burning refugee camp could be smelled even in the Lake District. The four heroes broke fast with Arerwel the priestess. She informed them the town was now on lock down. The riot had been put down by the legion, but tensions were running high. With the Imperial Tax fleet soon to arrive, the Prefect was taking no chances and locked down the town.

Siadanos II - Sightseeing in Siadanos
Agitelen, 27th– Innelen, 8th (Aug 1-10)

Over the passing week, the Avery trained with Elwegon the Drake, a senior Spellblade and second in command of the local New Hellion cell. Garrick trained with Oppius the Pious, a veteran Nightblade. Oppius was known for praying and making sacrifices to the gods in the name of whom ever he assassinated. The training was intense and bruising, but the brothers worked hard to master their new skills.

While the elves were training, Ivanova and Vilhelmus explored the town. Ivanova was on the lookout for any potential Talon activity. Vilhelmus made a trip to the Imperial fortress and sent a magical missive to Tǘros Luln via Imperial Mage. He sent orders for the ship to be made ready and to set sail for Siadanos. It would take four or five days for the ship to arrive, so Vilhelmus decided to aid his cousin in her search for Talons.

Ivanova wanted to check out the First Ward also known as the Imperial Ward. Many of the imperial military and civil servants called this ward home. In order to not reveal her true identity, Ivanova disguised herself. She even managed to talk Vilhelmus into wearing a disguise.

It was during this time they visited Vasyli’s Emporium, a strange and wondrous place run by an equally strange little man named Vasyli. After a failed attempt to purchase a set of enchanted bracers, the cousins left. A short time later, Vilhelmus discovered his new left hand had a bad case of sticky fingers. It had stolen a ring from the emporium. The ring was unique looking and Vilhelmus decided to keep it.

Eventually the cousins found themselves at the House of Blue Orchids, the best brothel in town located in the Imperial Ward. It was here that Ivanova finally found evidence of Talon activity when she was almost spotted by a former college, a talon named Muso Gellusius. He was leaving the brothel and the cousins decided to tail him to see where he went. Muso ended up heading straight into the fortress.

The cousins hurried back to the Inn they were staying at. They needed to come up with a plan to kidnap Muso so that Ivanova could interrogate him. It was during this time the twins showed up and revealed that the New Hellions had a job for them, an important one.

Siadanos I - A Long Respite
Agitelen, 3rd – 25th (Jul 8-30)

Agitelen, 3rd – 25th (Jul 8-30) – A Long Respite

The party decides to take a long break while they wait for Vilhelmus to recover. They had acquired quite a bit of wealth from Agrippa’s lair and from the Hidden Temple. Lozan had found a new paramour in the form of Roberto the Blade, a Cinnbarii duelist. Brother Merrin had not yet returned from the Black Eagle Fortress where he was gathering clues. Oberron took his share of treasure, some digging tool and disappeared into the hills.

Agitelen, 26th– Innelen, 10th (Jul 31-Aug 10) – Siadanos I

Once Vilhelmus was able to travel again, Ivanova, Avery, Garrick and he all decided to travel to the seat of the prefecture and border fortress Siadanos. The elves were looking for new magicks and additional training in their respective crafts. Ivanova and Vilhelmus wanted to see the town. Oberron and Brother Merrin had yet to return and Lozan decided to take her dead sisters headdress to the Shrine of Ianna at the Black Eagle Fortress.

The foursomes took two days to reach the border town and were taken aback by the size and wealth of the town. Siadanos was a bastion of civilization out on the western edge of the empire and had much to offer. Ivanova quickly began to ply the locals for information about the town, recent news, and people of importance and locations to be wary off. Vilhelmus and the twin left the walls of the town and headed over to the Lake District where most the of elven populace called home. They soon found their New Hellions contact and got to know each other. The leader of the local cell was a female elven priestess of Mityara named Arerwel.

The twin’s tutors were not in town, but were expected to return the following day. The threesome inquired if the New Hellions had any tasks for them. Arerwel paused to think for a moment before telling them no, but their services might be needed in the very near future. The three men soon left the Lake District and returned to the 9th Ward to reunite with Ivanova.

The heroes were soon sitting at a table in the Cracked Mug, a local watering hole popular with travelers. The soon shared everything they had learned. Once of the more interesting bits of news they learned was that a squadron of Imperial war galleries would soon be arriving. The annual collection of the fortresses taxes and tariffs was soon and all of the monies were to be moved to the Imperial Capital.

Vilhelmus after several bowl of wine had become quite loud and had begun to expound upon the virtues of several kinds of ships. A gentleman named* Julius Prasiuso* took notice of this and approached Vilhelmus. Julius was a trader who had cargo coming from the west and he did not want to pay the imperial tariff on his goods. Vilhelmus had a ship and knew how Imperial Custom Patrols operated. A deal was made.

Oberron’s Return & Luko’s Good Bye
Esevelen, 25--Agitelen, 2nd (Jul 2-7)

While the party was recovering, Oberron showed back-up in town with a harrowing tale of his adventures in the catacombs beneath the hidden temple. He had managed to require Vilhelmus’s sword and had gathered a great deal of information about the environment and the denizens beneath the temple.

As soon as the elven twins had recovered and rejoined the party, Lukos held a meeting. He announced to the party that he was leaving to head back east to render aid to an old friend. He wished the party good fortune and left them the deed to the villa that he had purchased a month ago.

The party, minus Vilhelmus and Lukos, now decided to return to the Hidden Temple to retrieve the treasure they had hidden previously. Feeling the need for some additional help, they purchased a dwarven war dog named Tycho and a female hedge mage named Danica. The party returned to the temple where they soon encountered a horde of undead. The party made quick work of them and returned to Turos Tem with their loot

Hidden Temple Part V
Esevelen, 23rd | Jun 30th

Esevelen, 23rd | Jun 30th | Hidden Temple V

The party minus Oberron, who had yet to return, made preparation to return to the Hidden Temple. Lozen at the last minute announced that she needed to leave to go to Türos Aster to deal with a personal matter. She promised she would rejoin the party at the hidden temple. Lukos accompanied her.

The rest of the party headed to the temple and arrived without incident. After a quick huddle, the party decided to retrace their steps and sweep all of the rooms they had previously cleared to ensure that no one could sneak up on them. It was during the sweep of the kobold chieftain’s throne room that Avery and Ivanova both discovered a secret door they had previously missed.

Behind the door was a secret room with three chests painted copper, silver and gold. Garrick was able to determine that all of the chests were trapped and that a special key was needed to open them. Ivanova noticed that there was another secret door that leads to the secret room. She tried to open the door but felt something heavy blocking it. Using all of her strength and the door swung open and the sound of breaking wood and glass drowned out the surprise cries of the orcs who were shocked to see the paladin burst through a wall into their room.

The heroes had managed to burst into the throne room of Apsa the orc chieftain. The heroes where soon embroiled in a full on melee as orcs and a warg from other rooms began to pour into the room. After 15 minutes of bloodletting, the heroes found themselves standing on dead orcs and repulsing wave after wave of orcs. Eventually the orcs stopped coming, and the party was able to catch their breath. They quickly looted the room and then proceeded to clear out the rest of the orcs in the vicinity. Fatigued from battle and frustrated by their inability to find Oberron, the party made camp in the Orcs former barracks. During their camp three gnolls walked in on them, but the party quickly over powered them.

Esevelen, 24 (Jul 1st) | Hidden Temple V

The party awoke and began to move out, it was then they found Lozan and Atticus. Reunited they went in search of Oberron but found trouble instead. They first encountered small groups of hobgoblins who were setting up In the goblin’s former territory. The real trouble began when the heroes encountered a warband of hobgoblins in military formation.

Lozan and Vilhelmus repeatedly attempted to outmaneuver the hobgoblins but where unsuccessful. Miscommunication between members of the party gave the hobgoblins the advantage which they pressed. The tide was turned when Brother Merrin used divine magic that enabled Lozan to wade into the enemy and thin their ranks. The hobgoblins unable to direct attacks at the blade dancer where soon on the defensive as the heroes tore into them.

Avery, Garrick, Vilhelmus and Ivanova all suffered mortal wounds and were close to death. Thanks to the healing arts of Lozan and Brother Merrin they were spared from the underworld. Vilhelmus’s left arm had been shattered and he needed to be brought back to Turo’s Tem.

The party retreated from the temple and headed back to the fort. Avery, Garrick and Ivanova were quickly treated. Vilhelmus however needed surgery; the chirurgeon was forced to remove his left arm at the elbow. Ivanova pleaded with Priestess Genelen to restore her cousin and make him whole. The priestess used her last remaining ritual scroll and restored Vilhelmus, who began to grow a new arm. Vilhelmus remained in a deep sleep and Ivanova prayed he would wake up.

Esevelen, 17th-23rd | Jun 24th – 3oth

Back to Town


Vilhelmus could feel the steam soaking into his tired and aching muscles, slowly loosening the knots. The physicians at the hospital had done a good job of sewing him up the day before. The pungent smell of the poultice they had used had become aromatic in the steam room. Lukos who was sitting next to him got up and headed out, saying he was going to head back to the villa to grab some food.

The bath house was getting crowded, the pre-dinner crowd had arrived and it was getting noisy. Deciding to head for somewhere quieter, he headed to the cooling pool before heading out. As he arrived he saw Lozan get out and towel off. She hurried up and got dressed, joining Lukos on the way out. As Vilhelmus waded into the cool water, he wondered how Oberron was faring and if he would ever see the strange dwarf again.


Ivanova slowly knelt down beside the duck pond near their villa. The morning sun was climbing higher and the air grew warm. The mallards in the pond quietly quacked as they frolicked in the water. Ivanova had her armor and weapons laid out on a blanket. She began cleaning and mending each piece of her armor like how her grandfather Borris has taught her. She quietly hummed a song she had been taught by the Swanmays.

After cleaning her armor, she began to clean her weapons. She noted with some dismay she was running low on arrows, time to by some more. The bustling sound of the forum could be heard off in the distance. Ivanova wondered if she might also find some curatives in the market.

Avery & Garrick

The fever burned hot in the elven twins, they twisted and moaned in their sleep. The sheets were damp with sweat as the illness burned away inside of him. Lynara and Lozan dipped strips of rag into bowls of cool water. They used the rags to cool the elves as best they could. Priestess Genelan came by and feed each of the brothers a curative broth. The priestess assured them both the elves would recover in time.


The forum was busy as Vilhelmus made his way through the stalls looking for a decent sword. He noticed an old man sitting next to a thread bare blanket. Displayed on the blanket were old trinkets and junk. One item caught his eye and drew him over. There was a sword sheathed inside a ratty scabbard. The sword was of imperial design, an older version of the current legion sword known as a Kopis. Vilhelmus picked up the sword and unsheathed it. The blade was still bright and sharp. He haggled with the old man for a moment and purchased the sword.

The old man cackled as he fondled all of the gold he just got. Vilhelmus had moved on and noticed his cousin haggling with a merchant over some glass vials. Vilhelmus walks over to his cousin.


Ivanova walked into the Quartermasters office looking for Koinus. The old man was hunched over a scroll making tic marks with a quill. He greeted Ivanova warmly and asked her how he could help. She told him she needed a resupply of arrows. The old man quickly appeared with a bundle of arrows, they talked for a time before Ivanova bid farewell.

As she left she could see Lozan heading towards the hospital. Every day the blade dancer went there to look after the elven twins. She waved at Lozan and turned and marched down to the forum to see what other items she might purchase.

In the forum, she browsed the stalls and came across a travelling merchant who had several potions of healing for sell. She was about to haggle with the merchant when her cousin Vilhelmus appears and helps her negotiate with the merchant.

Ivanova walks off in a huff as the price is too high, while Vilhelmus goes ahead and purchases a vial.

The merchant cackles as he counts his gold as Vilhelmus walks away.

Vilhelmus, Ivanova & Lozan

The afternoon sun had just begun to set as Vilhelmus settled into his favorite spot at the taverna. He had spent the day at the fort drilling with some of the legionnaires getting use to his new sword. Lozan had found him and let him know that the elven brother’s fever had finally broken and they should be on their feet in a couple of days.

Soon a group of legionaries joined Vilhelmus at his table, today sparring partners. Soon the wine was flowing as were the stories and tales that all soldiers and sailors carried with them,


More wine is order and the men drink heavily. They soon began to sing military hymns and marches.


Soon Lozan and Ivanova arrive and join the festivities. The ladies order several more amphora of wine


The ladies order several more amphora of wine for everyone. Bowls are raised and toasts are made.


The last embers of sunlight fade as the sun sinks beyond the horizon in the west. Oil lamps have been lit and more wine is drunk







The fever had finally broken two days ago and Avery finally felt normal. Garrick had already left the hospital and so Avery made his way to the officers barrack to see Lynara.
Lynara was waiting for him, she had the day off and she wanted to spend it with him. They first went to the quartermaster to see about finding Avery some better armor. Koinos was there playing a game with Ivanova.

Koinos looks around and he pulls out a set of Banded Plate armor. He offers it to Avery at the price of 50 gold pieces and Avery’s old armor as trade-in.

Leaving the Quartermaster’s Office, Avery and Lynara went to go see Mayln. The mage was asleep but one of his assistants was there. Avery negotiated trading his remaining blood lilies for 1 potion of cure wounds.

Eventually Avery and Lynara, found themselves outside the fort, on the banks of the river beneath a Willow Tree. They had spread out a blanket and enjoyed a bottle of wine with some cheese and bread. Lynara nestled her head in Avery’s arms and breathed a sigh of contentment. Avery looked down at her, cupping her face with his hand and leaned in to place a passionate kiss upon her ruby lips.

Later that evening Lynara and Avery headed to the bath house. They passed Garrick heading back to the fort; Garrick said nothing as he seemed a man determined to get somewhere. As the pair approached the bathhouse, Avery felt the call of nature and excused himself and headed to the outhouse. Lynara, who was standing outside, jumped in surprise when she heard Avery cry out.




The fever had finally broken two days ago and Garrick finally felt normal. Garrick left the hospital and made his way out of the fort and down the hill to the forum.

Shopping around Garrick looked to replace much of the gear he lost. Checking out the different stalls in the forum, he came across a beautifully crafted dwarven steel crossbow with a raven motif etched into in and a matching bolt case with raven fletched bolts. At another stall he found a good length of hemp rope and a. iron grappling hook. Satisfied with his new purchase, Garrick headed to the Tavernos to quench his first.

Kicking back, Garrick slowly sipped the honey laced wine and watched the day to day bustle of the village. A small form caught Garrick’s eye and quickly got his attention. A rather busty female halfling weaved through the crowd balancing a tray of baked good. Garrick motioned to her and the halfling sauntered over, swaying her broad hips. The young lass had hair the color of straw framing a broad pleasant face. Blue eyes the color of sea peered out of long eye lashes.

“How much for the sweets, my sweet” said Garrick coyling
“Oi, for a tall dark handsome stranger like you, a copper,” said the lass in a loud brassy voice.
“Do they taste as sweet as I think you do” said Garrick using his best seductive voice.
“Oi, why don’t we head over to the stable and find out” the halfling said in a smoky whisper. She gave Garrick a toothy smile, well as toothy as her as four remaining teeth would allow her.

Garrick soon found himself flat on his back on a pile of hay in the Inn’s Stable. The halfing has discarded any pretense of fair maidenhood as she quickly loosened her bodice and hiked up her ……

Several hours later, Garrick headed over to the bath house to wash the hay and sweat off. The halfling lass had been quite energetic. Feeling the call of nature, Garrick stopped off to relieve himself. As he urinated, Garrick felt a familiar burning sensation has had felt once before.

“_Bloody Hell, Not Again!_” Garrick quickly laced up his pants and headed to the hospital.
“I wonder if I can get Ivanova to Lay on Hands on me”

Return to the Hidden Temple
Esevelen, 13th -16th | (21-23 June)

Return to the Hidden Temple

After returning to Türos Tem, the party turned over Agrippa’s head to Priestess Genelan. They watched as the aged priestess performed the rite that destroyed Agrippa forever. The priestess thanked the party for the tremendous service they had performed. The heroes took their leave and returned to the new Villa that Lukos had acquired for them. They were soon settled down for a much needed rest.

Setting forth from Turos Tem, the party marched westward into the Viaspen Forest. During their journey, the party could see how far the blight had spread. The closer to the Hidden Temple they got, the stronger the blight. The party once again found themselves standing before the massive crack in the side of the stone hill where the Hidden Temple lay.

They party entered the stone monadnock and entered the massive cavern antechamber where they found a war band of kobolds and a mutated wolf. A bloody fight ensured and the heroes were triumphant albeit mildly wounded. Vilhelmus had managed during the fight to smash open a crate of overly ripe apples.

The heroes then pushed through the massive temple doors into the temple proper. After some debate the decision was made to check on the former bandit quarter. They wanted to see if any temple denizens had reclaimed the old chapel for their own.

At first it seemed empty but soon a throng of zombies, many of whom were bandits they had previously killed lurched out the darkness to attack the party. A bloody battle ensued with the heroes hard pressed. It was the timely arrival of a priest of Ammonar and his retainers who helped turn the tide of battle.

Lozan, Ivanova, Vilhelmus and Oberron traded blows with the zombies slowly whittling down their numbers. Avery and Garrick chased after the zombies that Brother Merrin had turned away. Soon the area smelled of burning flesh and the air was filled with the wails of wounded elves.

The priest introduced himself as Brother Lankeister Merrin, a priest of Turas, who was here looking for the source of the evil at the heart of this complex. The party bound their wounds and with Brother Merrin in tow, they pressed on.

They soon found themselves in what must have been the goblin quarter. The dead rotting bodies of goblin were everywhere. They party remembered Drusus telling them that the hobgoblins had purged the temple of the goblins about 6 weeks ago.

The party reached a 40’ wide, 60’ tall courtyard which was open to the cavernous ceiling 350’ above. Unlike most rooms in the complex, the floor here was earth and not stone, though no living things grow in the dirt. In the center of the dead soil was a 15’ diameter brick-lined well. The shaft of the well descends downward 50’into darkness and then slants off to the north. A horde of giant rats soon descends upon the party.

In the chaotic battle that ensued, the heroes soon found a number of their party slipping and falling into the pit. They managed to recover only to have two giant spiders begin climbing up the well. Vilhelmus while falling down the shaft, losses his enchanted blade but manages to kill one of the spiders and rides the other one out of the well and the party kills it.

The party took stock of their wounds and remaining equipment. They decided they were too wounded to carry-on and retreat to Turos Tem was in order. Oberron however decides he needed to know where the well leads to, there might be a chance to see if he could retrieve Vilhelmus’ sword.

The party left the Hidden Temple and made the trek back to the safety of Turos Tem without any further encounters.


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