Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Esevelen, 17th-23rd | Jun 24th – 3oth

Back to Town


Vilhelmus could feel the steam soaking into his tired and aching muscles, slowly loosening the knots. The physicians at the hospital had done a good job of sewing him up the day before. The pungent smell of the poultice they had used had become aromatic in the steam room. Lukos who was sitting next to him got up and headed out, saying he was going to head back to the villa to grab some food.

The bath house was getting crowded, the pre-dinner crowd had arrived and it was getting noisy. Deciding to head for somewhere quieter, he headed to the cooling pool before heading out. As he arrived he saw Lozan get out and towel off. She hurried up and got dressed, joining Lukos on the way out. As Vilhelmus waded into the cool water, he wondered how Oberron was faring and if he would ever see the strange dwarf again.


Ivanova slowly knelt down beside the duck pond near their villa. The morning sun was climbing higher and the air grew warm. The mallards in the pond quietly quacked as they frolicked in the water. Ivanova had her armor and weapons laid out on a blanket. She began cleaning and mending each piece of her armor like how her grandfather Borris has taught her. She quietly hummed a song she had been taught by the Swanmays.

After cleaning her armor, she began to clean her weapons. She noted with some dismay she was running low on arrows, time to by some more. The bustling sound of the forum could be heard off in the distance. Ivanova wondered if she might also find some curatives in the market.

Avery & Garrick

The fever burned hot in the elven twins, they twisted and moaned in their sleep. The sheets were damp with sweat as the illness burned away inside of him. Lynara and Lozan dipped strips of rag into bowls of cool water. They used the rags to cool the elves as best they could. Priestess Genelan came by and feed each of the brothers a curative broth. The priestess assured them both the elves would recover in time.


The forum was busy as Vilhelmus made his way through the stalls looking for a decent sword. He noticed an old man sitting next to a thread bare blanket. Displayed on the blanket were old trinkets and junk. One item caught his eye and drew him over. There was a sword sheathed inside a ratty scabbard. The sword was of imperial design, an older version of the current legion sword known as a Kopis. Vilhelmus picked up the sword and unsheathed it. The blade was still bright and sharp. He haggled with the old man for a moment and purchased the sword.

The old man cackled as he fondled all of the gold he just got. Vilhelmus had moved on and noticed his cousin haggling with a merchant over some glass vials. Vilhelmus walks over to his cousin.


Ivanova walked into the Quartermasters office looking for Koinus. The old man was hunched over a scroll making tic marks with a quill. He greeted Ivanova warmly and asked her how he could help. She told him she needed a resupply of arrows. The old man quickly appeared with a bundle of arrows, they talked for a time before Ivanova bid farewell.

As she left she could see Lozan heading towards the hospital. Every day the blade dancer went there to look after the elven twins. She waved at Lozan and turned and marched down to the forum to see what other items she might purchase.

In the forum, she browsed the stalls and came across a travelling merchant who had several potions of healing for sell. She was about to haggle with the merchant when her cousin Vilhelmus appears and helps her negotiate with the merchant.

Ivanova walks off in a huff as the price is too high, while Vilhelmus goes ahead and purchases a vial.

The merchant cackles as he counts his gold as Vilhelmus walks away.

Vilhelmus, Ivanova & Lozan

The afternoon sun had just begun to set as Vilhelmus settled into his favorite spot at the taverna. He had spent the day at the fort drilling with some of the legionnaires getting use to his new sword. Lozan had found him and let him know that the elven brother’s fever had finally broken and they should be on their feet in a couple of days.

Soon a group of legionaries joined Vilhelmus at his table, today sparring partners. Soon the wine was flowing as were the stories and tales that all soldiers and sailors carried with them,


More wine is order and the men drink heavily. They soon began to sing military hymns and marches.


Soon Lozan and Ivanova arrive and join the festivities. The ladies order several more amphora of wine


The ladies order several more amphora of wine for everyone. Bowls are raised and toasts are made.


The last embers of sunlight fade as the sun sinks beyond the horizon in the west. Oil lamps have been lit and more wine is drunk







The fever had finally broken two days ago and Avery finally felt normal. Garrick had already left the hospital and so Avery made his way to the officers barrack to see Lynara.
Lynara was waiting for him, she had the day off and she wanted to spend it with him. They first went to the quartermaster to see about finding Avery some better armor. Koinos was there playing a game with Ivanova.

Koinos looks around and he pulls out a set of Banded Plate armor. He offers it to Avery at the price of 50 gold pieces and Avery’s old armor as trade-in.

Leaving the Quartermaster’s Office, Avery and Lynara went to go see Mayln. The mage was asleep but one of his assistants was there. Avery negotiated trading his remaining blood lilies for 1 potion of cure wounds.

Eventually Avery and Lynara, found themselves outside the fort, on the banks of the river beneath a Willow Tree. They had spread out a blanket and enjoyed a bottle of wine with some cheese and bread. Lynara nestled her head in Avery’s arms and breathed a sigh of contentment. Avery looked down at her, cupping her face with his hand and leaned in to place a passionate kiss upon her ruby lips.

Later that evening Lynara and Avery headed to the bath house. They passed Garrick heading back to the fort; Garrick said nothing as he seemed a man determined to get somewhere. As the pair approached the bathhouse, Avery felt the call of nature and excused himself and headed to the outhouse. Lynara, who was standing outside, jumped in surprise when she heard Avery cry out.




The fever had finally broken two days ago and Garrick finally felt normal. Garrick left the hospital and made his way out of the fort and down the hill to the forum.

Shopping around Garrick looked to replace much of the gear he lost. Checking out the different stalls in the forum, he came across a beautifully crafted dwarven steel crossbow with a raven motif etched into in and a matching bolt case with raven fletched bolts. At another stall he found a good length of hemp rope and a. iron grappling hook. Satisfied with his new purchase, Garrick headed to the Tavernos to quench his first.

Kicking back, Garrick slowly sipped the honey laced wine and watched the day to day bustle of the village. A small form caught Garrick’s eye and quickly got his attention. A rather busty female halfling weaved through the crowd balancing a tray of baked good. Garrick motioned to her and the halfling sauntered over, swaying her broad hips. The young lass had hair the color of straw framing a broad pleasant face. Blue eyes the color of sea peered out of long eye lashes.

“How much for the sweets, my sweet” said Garrick coyling
“Oi, for a tall dark handsome stranger like you, a copper,” said the lass in a loud brassy voice.
“Do they taste as sweet as I think you do” said Garrick using his best seductive voice.
“Oi, why don’t we head over to the stable and find out” the halfling said in a smoky whisper. She gave Garrick a toothy smile, well as toothy as her as four remaining teeth would allow her.

Garrick soon found himself flat on his back on a pile of hay in the Inn’s Stable. The halfing has discarded any pretense of fair maidenhood as she quickly loosened her bodice and hiked up her ……

Several hours later, Garrick headed over to the bath house to wash the hay and sweat off. The halfling lass had been quite energetic. Feeling the call of nature, Garrick stopped off to relieve himself. As he urinated, Garrick felt a familiar burning sensation has had felt once before.

“_Bloody Hell, Not Again!_” Garrick quickly laced up his pants and headed to the hospital.
“I wonder if I can get Ivanova to Lay on Hands on me”

Return to the Hidden Temple
Esevelen, 13th -16th | (21-23 June)

Return to the Hidden Temple

After returning to Türos Tem, the party turned over Agrippa’s head to Priestess Genelan. They watched as the aged priestess performed the rite that destroyed Agrippa forever. The priestess thanked the party for the tremendous service they had performed. The heroes took their leave and returned to the new Villa that Lukos had acquired for them. They were soon settled down for a much needed rest.

Setting forth from Turos Tem, the party marched westward into the Viaspen Forest. During their journey, the party could see how far the blight had spread. The closer to the Hidden Temple they got, the stronger the blight. The party once again found themselves standing before the massive crack in the side of the stone hill where the Hidden Temple lay.

They party entered the stone monadnock and entered the massive cavern antechamber where they found a war band of kobolds and a mutated wolf. A bloody fight ensured and the heroes were triumphant albeit mildly wounded. Vilhelmus had managed during the fight to smash open a crate of overly ripe apples.

The heroes then pushed through the massive temple doors into the temple proper. After some debate the decision was made to check on the former bandit quarter. They wanted to see if any temple denizens had reclaimed the old chapel for their own.

At first it seemed empty but soon a throng of zombies, many of whom were bandits they had previously killed lurched out the darkness to attack the party. A bloody battle ensued with the heroes hard pressed. It was the timely arrival of a priest of Ammonar and his retainers who helped turn the tide of battle.

Lozan, Ivanova, Vilhelmus and Oberron traded blows with the zombies slowly whittling down their numbers. Avery and Garrick chased after the zombies that Brother Merrin had turned away. Soon the area smelled of burning flesh and the air was filled with the wails of wounded elves.

The priest introduced himself as Brother Lankeister Merrin, a priest of Turas, who was here looking for the source of the evil at the heart of this complex. The party bound their wounds and with Brother Merrin in tow, they pressed on.

They soon found themselves in what must have been the goblin quarter. The dead rotting bodies of goblin were everywhere. They party remembered Drusus telling them that the hobgoblins had purged the temple of the goblins about 6 weeks ago.

The party reached a 40’ wide, 60’ tall courtyard which was open to the cavernous ceiling 350’ above. Unlike most rooms in the complex, the floor here was earth and not stone, though no living things grow in the dirt. In the center of the dead soil was a 15’ diameter brick-lined well. The shaft of the well descends downward 50’into darkness and then slants off to the north. A horde of giant rats soon descends upon the party.

In the chaotic battle that ensued, the heroes soon found a number of their party slipping and falling into the pit. They managed to recover only to have two giant spiders begin climbing up the well. Vilhelmus while falling down the shaft, losses his enchanted blade but manages to kill one of the spiders and rides the other one out of the well and the party kills it.

The party took stock of their wounds and remaining equipment. They decided they were too wounded to carry-on and retreat to Turos Tem was in order. Oberron however decides he needed to know where the well leads to, there might be a chance to see if he could retrieve Vilhelmus’ sword.

The party left the Hidden Temple and made the trek back to the safety of Turos Tem without any further encounters.

Death to Agrippa
Esevelen, 9th -14th

Death To Agrippa

Agrippa came forth in the dead of night;
the moon in her eyes shone glassy bright,
as over the marshes she strode in might,
until she came to her end.

Dark lay the dale, the moon shone ‘round;
by the pit she lurked underground
and cursed the clinking armor sound
and arms of the heroes returning.

The stalwart band descended alone;
Sharp were their arrows and bright their blades shone,
And hungered for the flesh of Agrippa the crone.
The bard’s spirit whispered a song of vengeance.

Dank and dark was the fetid pit,
Twisting the black glass tunnels and grit.
Water, cold and stagnant to chill the bones within it-
What horrors slept beneath the surface?

Waterlogged tombs lay about, rotten
The bones of the lost and forgotten
Protected by those blessed with undeath, begotten,
The restless dead awoke.

Over isles of muck and bone,
Through hordes of vermin and mold and stone,
Tainted flesh eaters and corpse walkers did moan
And fall before the might of the heroes.

In her lair did she lay, the beast-
Agrippa, the fallen, the corrupted, unleashed.
The warriors girded themselves, did not cease,
And with mighty war cries made battle.

Cleaved and hacked her limbs did they,
Arcane magicks burned her flesh, they say.
Arrow and dagger pierced her skin that day;
Her howls shook the tomb.

Her head shorn from body and burned,
Mouth packed with salt so she would not return,
Thrice Blessed Silver Nails that they had earned
Were hammered into her head.

Agrippa came forth in the dead of night;
the moon in her eyes shone glassy bright,
as over the marshes she strode in might,
until she came to her end.

Lukos in Peril
Esevelen, 2-8th | (9-15 June)

Return to Turos Tem

Esevelen, 2-8 | (9-15 June)

The party now had a new addition, a dwarf named Oberron, son of Oberron, Vault Lord of High Forge. He had been by D’mitri to assist the party. The Party decided that they needed to head back to the Hidden Temple and Türos Tem before they took on Agrippa again. They also wanted to check in with Lukos and his henchmen to see how they were faring.

They arrived at the Hidden Temple and soon found that Lukos and his men were under siege by beastmen. The party jumped into the fray, turning the tide and defeating the beastmen. After speaking with Lukos and his remaining retainers, they retreated out of the temple. The party returned to Turos Tem to resupply and rest for a bit.

After making all of their preparation, the party hired boats to take them east down the Western Krysivor River toward the Dragon Falls. As the party neared the falls they could hear the roar of the falls. The party disembarked on the south banks of the river right before the point where the four Krysivor converged and spilled over the cliff side. The party rappelled down the cliff face descending into the thick canopy of the Lusaun Forest. From the base of the cliff they marched to the fetid pit.

Funeral for a Friend
Zigelen, 27-28, Esevelen, 1

Funeral for a Friend
Zigelen, 27-28, Esevelen, 1 | (6-9 June)

The party arrived in Türos Luln and sought out the services of a Dead House, a temple dedicated to the goddess Calefa and ran by the Sisterhood of Mourning. The party made arrangements to give Atticus his last rites with the Sisters. During the meeting with the Gray Sisters, the elven twins managed to upset the Grey Sisters, who sequestered them for a private chat.

While the brothers were being questioned by the Sisters, the rest of the party went out on the town to celebrate the life of the friend they had lost. It was during the drunken revelry that Vilhelmus lost his cousin, Ivanova, who was taken by a slaver. A spirited pursuit took place in the middle of town and the slaver managed to escape.

Vilhelmus and Lozen, searched in vain but could not find Ivanova anywhere. Ivanova who had been rendered unconscious had been taken on board a trading ship,_ Sinbad’s Revenge_, moored at the docks. The captain and his crew had been busy; they had a ship full of young women that they intended to sell to the harems of Zanzibar.

Ivanova, who had been unconscious for a while awoke to find herself at sea. She was in the captain’s cabin stripped naked and tied to a bed. She quickly realized her predicament and she was not having any of this. She managed to untie herself and secured herself clothing and a weapon from the captain’s sea chest. There was a guard standing sentry outside the cabin, who Ivanova expertly dispatched.

When the captain came to sample his newest acquisition, she promptly gutted him and cut off his head. She then marched out onto the deck with captain’s head in hand and in her full divine glory cowed the entire crew of the ship. In a day she was back at the docks of Tǘros Luln. She then freed the girls being held hostage and the crew scurried off to the darkest corners of the docks.

Ivanova then reunited with her cousin who she then presented the ship too. At this time the twins rejoined the party. Together they renamed the ship the Winged Lion. The rest of the week involved making preparation to kill Agrippa and last rites for Atticus.
Then a dwarf showed up………

Unexpected Surprises
Zigelen, 24th – 27th (Jun 3rd-5th)

Up The River

Zigelen, 24th – 27th (Jun 3rd-5th)

The party once more reunited decided to head back to Türos Tem and check-in with Lukos and his henchmen. While on the road through the Via Marshes the elven brother convinced the group to make a side trek to see if they could find a lost elven shrine they believed to be hidden somewhere in the Lusaun Forest. There first destination stop was at the port town of Türos Luln to hire a boat to take them up the Southern Krysivor River.

Once a boat was acquired, the party made their way north up the Krysivor River. Traveling as far north as they could, the party disembarked and began searching for the lost shrine. After several hours of wandering the dense forest, the party discovered a set of ancient ruins deep in the forest.

In the center of the ruins was a hole in the ground from which arose a blighted miasma. While investigate the hole, the ground collapsed underneath the party and they found themselves in a waterlogged series of crypts. The party soon learned that his was the home of the beast known as Agrippa.

The party explored the crypts, fighting through bands of ghouls and zombies, with great success. It was a chance encounter with a bubbling fissure of methane gas that the party was undone. Their torches ignited the gas causing serious injury to most of the party. Deciding to retreat back to the surface, the party attempted to climb out when Agrippa revealed herself and attacked the party.

During the course of the battle the heroes inflicted serious injury to the undead terror. Agrippa returned the favor in kind injuring many and killing Atticus the Wanderer by smashing him into the cave wall. Lozan and Ivanova melted Agrippa’s head using healing magic, the bane of the undead. However, pieces of Agrppa managed to escape as the party had forgotten the lore that Priestess Genelen had provided them on how to defeat a Psychopagos.

The party climbed out of the fetid pit and limped back to the boat carrying the body of their fallen comrade. Once safely on the river barge, they headed back down the river to Türos Luln to give Atticus a proper burial and to heal their wounds.

You Can Never Go Home Again
Zigelen, 4th – 23rd (May 17th – June 2nd)

Training and Mayhem

Zigelen, 4th – 23rd (May 17th – June 2nd)

Avery, Garrick, Lozen and Ivanova made the trek to the elven town of Rifllian. Traveling on the Western Krysivor River from Türos Tem to Türos Drav they made several important discoveries. They found a weathered elven landmark that denotes several locations in the region, including a lost elven tower and a shrine.

In was late afternoon, when the group arrived at Türos Drav, so the group decided to stay the night. While they were in town, they were being watched by a stranger. Garrick quietly dispatched the spy who turned out to be a member of a strange cult who wore black hare masks and worshipped Duvan’ku.

The party members eventually made it to the elven town where the elven brothers immediately dive into their training. Garrick found the local Nightblade Trainer, a elven woman named Maya, who promptly gave Garrick his first lesson by ripping him off. Avery began his training under the eye of Othar Longbranch, a renowed Spellblade.

Lozen and Ivanova, who had never seen an elven town before where quick to sample it’s many delights, especially the Nightingale Market. After several weeks, the elves were almost done with their training, however Lozen and Ivanova had engaged in drunken debauchery.

They caused a massive uproar and soon the four of them had to flee the town due to an issue with cocks and an angry elven nobleman. The four of them eventually headed south, uniting with Vilhelmus and Atticus at the Hastinov Estate.

Kill Druss
Zigelen, 1st – 7th (May 10th-16th)

Kill Drusus

Zigelen, 1st – 7th (May 10th-16th)

The party completed their preparations and heads back to the Hidden Temple. Their plan was simple, march in and put an end to Drusus and his bandits, once and for all. A blood-spattered melee ensued as the party fought their way past the guards at the front doors of the temple and entered the grand hallway. They then headed east to the old chapel where the bandits had their camp.

A savage battle erupted in the Bandit Quarter as the party tore through the bandits and soon found them face to face with Drusus. The bandit chieftain and his remaining guards stood their ground and made a last stand. The fight was short but intense as the party emerged victorious. Vilhelmus and Garrick dealing a combined blow killed Drusus.

The party began to loot the bandit’s camp when tragedy strikes. Garrick attempted to pick the lock on a iron chest behind Drusus’s throne, triggered a needle trap which poisoned him. Only the healing skills of Lozan saved him from death.

The party decided to head back to Türos Tem, where Garrick and Atticus could recover from their wounds. The group then began to make plans on their next steps. Lukos hired a number of henchmen to help him secure the Bandit Quarters in the Hidden Temple to use as a base of operations. Avery and Garrick decide to head to Rifllian to get additional training; Lozan and Ivanova decided to go with them. Vilhelmus and Atticus headed home to the Hastinov Estate to inform D’mitri of what the party had discovered.

Truth Be Told
Pendaelen, 24th – 28th (May 5th-9th)

After the Battle at the Farmhouse

Pendaelen, 24th – 28th (May 5th-9th)

The Party returned to Türos Tem needing to recover from their fight with Locke and Keye. Many of the party members had been wounded and were in need of an extended period of rest and recovery. Both the elven twins end up with identical matching scars that require extensive healing. After the elves convalescence was over a meeting was had.

Several important matters were discussed by the group. The Twins revealed to the party that they were current members of the elven political movement known as the New Hellions and revealed to the group what their true purpose for being out in the borderlands. The brothers were seeking out treasure and magical items to aid their movement in retaking the elven city of Selenica.

Vilhelmus surprised everyone there when he throw his support to the brother going so far as to declare himself for the New Hellions and asks to join the group. Vilhelmus’s bitterness toward the empire treatment of him was evident.

The group also discussed the fact that it was clear that Drusus, Brigand King did not trust them and would double-cross them as soon as it was convenient. The group truly bonded at this time and swore an oath of truth and loyalty to each other. They then began to make preparation to return to the Hidden Temple.

Loch & Keye
23rd of Pendaelen

The Battle of the Farm

Session VIII – 23rd of Pendaelen

The party leaves Turos Tem and heads to meeting with the man known as Master Loch. The location is a farm located an hour and half from the fort. Upon nearing the farm, Vilhelmus and Ivanova split off from the party to circle around a barn to approach the farmhouse from the side. Lozan, Avery and Garrick approaching the farmhouse directly, Atticus and Lukos decided to hang back with bows ready to lend support.

Loch is standing out in the open near the farmhouse waiting for them. Avery hands over the opium but Mister Locke become enraged when he sees that the map that Avery took was not included. It is at this point a band of bandits appears members of Drusus’s faction from the temple. They are there to steal the opium and kill the party for making deals behind Drusus’s back with the Silver Scales.

Before a fight breaks out, another interested party arrives. A party of dwarves led Holgrim Bone-Breaker, son of the Vault Lord of High Forge, Oberron Troll-Nose. They are there to question Mister Locke over the recent disappearance of a dwarven merchant. Holgrim then proceeds to arrest everyone present. Loch at this point reveals his trump card, his partner Keye, a Zaharan Necromancer who was hiding in the farmhouse.

A massive melee ensues; Vilhelmus is knocked through the doors of the barn where he discovers the hanging disemboweled bodies of the owners of the farm. The intestines become animated and begin to attack him. Ivanova is able to free them as the rest of the party attempts to defeat Mister Locke and Keys. The battle ends with Key’s blowing up the farmhouse; allowing the duo to escape in the confusion. The bandits were all killed, as was one of the dwarves. A brief parley between the party and the dwarves reveals the past connects of the Hastinov’s family with Oberron Troll-Nose (from previous campaign).

Two key pieces of information that was revealed during the encounter was that Avery possessed an ancient map that the Silver Scale Trading Company wanted badly and that Drusus’s has a spy in Turos Tem that has been keeping an eye on the party.


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