Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

The Tomb of the Dead God

Juselen 14th 1014 YE

Juselen 14th 1014 YE – The Outer Chamber

After their harrowing encounter with the winged serpent, the party decided to make camp in the passageway that lay between the bridge landing and a chamber. After getting some rest, the heroes entered the Outer Chamber.

On the far wall there was a large stainless steel double door, barred and locked. On the doors was carved ancient dwarf that said “The Tomb of Mâr-Rune” as Oberron translated it. Fitted on the door were twelve small rubies. The bar on the door was of unusual and advanced composition. Flanking the doors, in the corners, were two huge statues of thick, surly dwarf warriors carrying war hammers. Before the statues on the ground were stone offering bowls. The bowls are fixed to the floor, but are empty.

Garrick set about attempting to pick the two locks holding the bar in place. While he did so the party kept a wary eye on the statues to see if they would come to life and attack them. Damien decided to move over and picked up on of the offering bowls. When he did so, the paving stone beneath it lifted up a few inches. Damien lifted a paving stone and found an iron box containing a key within it.

Oberron ran over to the other bowl and found a similar box beneath it. Inside was also another key that the dwarf pulled out and examined. The statues remained motionless but the party could feel their stones eyes gazing down disapproving. Damien took his key out and the key immediate became so heavy it pinned his hand to the ground and he could not move. Oberron walked over was able to pick up the key effortless.
The party tested and discovered that both keys opened the locks. Once the locks were removed, the party lifted the massive bar and unbarred the door. Pulling open the doors, a chill foul wind whooshed out the room chilling the heroes to the bone. The party braced themselves and entered the tomb.

Juselen 14th 1014 YE – The Tomb of the Dead God

The room was dominated by a huge statue of a mighty dwarf, standing above a sarcophagus with hammer held high, seemingly ready to smash the coffin below. Twelve other such resting places, though far less ornately decorated, were organized about the room. At the statue’s feet were two stone boxes. One was labeled (with inscribed runes written in ancient dwarf) “Sacred Knowledge,” and the other was labeled (likewise) “Forbidden Knowledge.” The ceiling was so high it could not be seen, just inky darkness. The group’s steps echoed in this dead place.

The twelve sarcophagi away from the statue were little more than plain stone boxes. The sarcophagus under the statue was only unique in one way it has a complicated opening mechanism on top of it… directly under the statue’s hammer

Oberron jumped on the central sarcophagus, containing the remains of Mâr-Rune, and set about opening it, if not quickly. As Oberron worked the mechanism a tension could be felt in the room. As Oberron got close to opening it, the statue above came to life, and brought it’s hammer down.

Mâr-Rune’s sarcophagus was now open. Inside the sarcophagus was the skeletal remains of a gigantic dwarf. Mâr-Rune’s body had upon it a great many treasures, a golden ring, plate armor, a golden shield, and a massive war hammer. The players looked at the dead god and his personal arms with wonder. Oberron’s eyes settled on the hammer and knew it must be his. While everyone was distracted by the now animated statue, he grabbed it.

At first nothing happened, but then Oberron let out a scream as the third eye in the center of his forehead began to bulge and weep blood. A tumorous mass began to grow rapidly around Oberron’s third eye, in a matter of seconds the growth was as big as the dwarves head with the blinking red eye in the center. A cyclone of darkness appeared around him and soon the party lost sight of him. The cyclone grew and consumed the content’s Mar-Rune’s sarcophagus.

Before the party could anything to address the cyclone, they soon found new things to worry about. The statue moved to attack the party swinging its huge stone hammer. Undead Dwarven sentinels clad in gilded plate mail and wielding gilded battle axes burst forth from all of the smaller crypts. The party was soon surrounded and outnumbered.

The party looked to retreat from the room but the doors to the crypt slammed shut and they could hear the door being barred. Undaunted the heroes launched themselves at the enemies and attempted to stay away from the cyclone of darkness that once there comrade.

Lozen called down the blessing of her goddess and the party unleashed their might. The battle raged across the chamber as Avery released his battle magic mauling many of the dwarves. Damien tore into the giant statue, as Garrick danced around swinging his blades. Ivanova’s bow sang as she unleashed arrow after arrow. One by one the dwarves fell and the statue eventually crumbled under the combined might of Damien, Ivanova and Avery.

The inky black cyclone had gotten bigger and bigger as the battle raged. As the last dwarf fell and the statue the cyclone of darkness dissipated with a thunderous boom and a howling gust of wind. Oberron was gone, in his place was a giant dwarf clad in golden armor, wielding a massive hammer and glaring at the party with his cyclopean red eye. He radiated an aura of chthonic power that the heroes had never felt before.

“Is that the formerly dead god of the dwarves glaring at us?” asked Garrick nervously

“I think so,” said Ivanova as she readied her weapons.

“Oh, OK. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating or something before I shit myself silly” exclaimed Garrick.

“By the grace of Ammonar, I will cut down this fallen god and…….” Before Damien could finish his proclamation Mar-Rune Reborn opened his mouth and spit forth a torrent of molten magma at the heroes. The smell of burning leather, flesh and hair soon filled the chamber as the party scattered for cover.


The party launched attack after attack at the re-born god, their spells, blades and arrows were only partial effective. Mar-Rune swung his massive hammer with ease, even getting clipped by it caused horrific injuries. Mar-Rune unleashed another magma breath attack at the party, but this time Damien stepped forward with his shield and attempted to stem the torrent. He was partial successful as his shield melted but stopped the bulk of the attack. It came at a grave cost however as the mighty Danish warrior collapsed from his injuries. Luckily Lozen, who was nearby, jumped forward and was able to heal him with her strongest healing magic. The party was in trouble and they knew it. Mar-Rune was getting stronger and there attacks were becoming less and less effective.

The party then called out for divine help. Ivanova called out to Fionnghuala for aid, while Avery and Garrick called upon their connection to Calefa. Lozen and Damien prayed to Ianna and Ammonar respectively, hoping for a divine sign. As Mar-Rune readied to unleash another magma blast against the heroes when the sound of thunder echoed in the room. A lightning bolt streaked out of the darkness and slammed into Mar-Runes chest. The god was staggered by the blow and fell back. It was then that the miracle happened, Mar-Rune ‘s chest burst open as a bolt of energy shot out. From the smoking hole in dwarf god’s chest everyone could see Oberron squirming out like a gore-covered maggot.

Naked as the day he was born Oberron held aloft a silver hammer whose head was shaped like a lion. Taking his hammer he drove into Mar-Rune’s crimson eye and deep into his skull. Mar-Run staggered then fell to the ground. His body transferring into volcanic rock shattered in a million pieces.

“Praise Ye Oh Goddess of Love and War, I Oberron have felt your touch. Thank ye for thine power you have blessed me with”

“Does he know he is naked?” whispered Garrick to his brother.

“I don’t think he cares,” replied Avery.


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