Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

The Lost Vault Part 5

Juselen 16th 1014 YE (Midnite)

The Descent

Juselen 16th 1014 YE (Midnite)

As the lift carried the Lightbringers towards the bottom of the shaft they witnessed the awe inspiring craftsmanship of the dwarves of old. Carved into the side of the shaft was a 200 foot tall statue of Mar-Rune. They had recently faced this being and the sight of it sent shudders through their bodies.
As they descended deeper a blue color luminesce could be seen. The party stopped the lift and looked down and saw the bottom of the shaft a deep pool of water that the waterfall crashed into. Along the shores of the pool was an abundance of fungus that gave off a blue light. They also spied a camp fire near an entrance to a tunnel. Sitting around the campfire was three Gnolls who seemed bored and disinterested in anything but their dice.

The party decided to use stealth to take out the gnolls in order to not alert any others that might be out of sight. Garrick and Oberron jumped from the lift to cable of another lift that was already down by the pool. Oberron made a hash of it and slammed into Garrick and they both went into the cold water of the pool below.

The sound of the waterfall masked much of the noise but one of the gnolls had gotten up to investigate. Garrick swam over to the stone landing platform that the lifts rested on and waited for the gnoll to get close. Oberron had swum over to the shore and began to crawl his way through the fungus.
The gnoll sentry walked across the stone platform and looked out onto the water trying to see what had caused all of that splashing. Garrick jumped out of the water and yanked the gnoll into the water. Garrick soon realized his plan to drown the gnoll was not going to work as the gnoll was stronger than he expected and soon the gnoll was drowning him.

Oberron also quickly realized his plan was not going to work as he realized he was crawling through a cluster of Skull Caps mushrooms. Oberron was overcome by the spores and went into a berserker rage and ran straight at the two remaining gnolls.

A messy melee ensued as the rest of the heroes joined the fray. After finally dispatching the three sentries, the party entered the tunnel and followed the path of wreckage left by the gnolls. The party soon caught up with the large group of gnolls.

The gnolls were in a great vaulted chamber, three hundred feet high at the center, with great arches all extending from the walls and meeting at that central point. The entire room was lit thanks to a fire pit, fifteen feet wide, scalloped out of the floor and lined with mother of pearl and the massive diamond keystone at the top of the ceiling. The gnolls were busy trying to knock down the door to the south which was huge: Forty feet high, fifteen feet wide, made of a golden-hued metal of unknown origin. The Sign of the Hammer was engraved on the door, but otherwise it is featureless; a stark contrast to the finely decorated walls around it.

The party surprised the gnolls, using a sneaky combination of Skull Caps mushroom and Avery’s lighting spells to overcome them. Once the gnolls were taking care of, the heroes then had to figure out how to open the massive doors. Once they figured out how to open the doors, the heroes plunged forward into the unknown.

The Juggernaut

The party followed the passageway until it turned east and changed. The hallway was forty feet tall and sloped upwards as one moved east. Metal scaffolder catwalks, only three feet wide, lined both walls at a height of thirty feet. Stairs at the western end of the catwalk allowed access. In the middle of the floor were two parallel grooves that run the length of the corridor.

The heroes decided the split up and they took both catwalks. Nothing happened in this corridor as journey along the passage. However after traveling for about 50 feet, the catwalk collapsed and sent everyone crashing down into the hard stone floor below. To add insult to journey the y all heard the rumbling sound coming towards them, a massive crushing roller, a Juggernaut. The party just barely managed to get out of the tunnel before getting crushed.


The Tomb of Banes

After surviving the Juggernaut, the heroes entered the Tomb of the Banes. Much to their dismay someone had already looted some of the tombs. There were two tombs that had not been touched yet: Elf Bane and Beast Bane. The heroes decided to search the Elf Bane sarcophagus first.
After removing the lid, they gazed upon the fabled warhammer which was encased in some transparent material. The group came together and spent some time hashing out how to get the hammer out. They devised a plan to remove the hammer that actual worked. Oberron was able to retrieve the hammer from the crypt. When the hammer was removed a section of the sarcophagus popped open and revealed a silver elven shield that Avery took.

Oberron then used the Elf Bane to free the Beast Bane. Avery leaned in, picked up the beautiful dwarven long sword and stared at it for a long time.

“Brother let us wrap the bane up so we can get out of here” Garrick reached out and touched his brother’s shoulder.

“He is not home right now,” as Avery turned around; Garrick could see that his eyes were completely black; pools of obsidian hate. “His soul is mine and soon yours will too.”

Oberron, acting with pure reflexes, lashed out with his hammer and attempted to knock the sword from Avery’s hand. Oberron’s blow was mighty and would have shattered a lesser weapon, yet his blow seemed to have no effect. Some malignant force was at work and had negated his blow.*

“Garrick get back, Avery has been possessed” exclaimed Lozen. Lozen unleashed a spell of binding; blazing golden chains shot from her hands. Avery lifted up his sword and it absorbed the chains to everyone’s shock.** Garrick and Damien attempted to subdue Avery but burning black chains shot out of the steel of his blade to bind them. Oberron and Ivanova were the next to succumb to the black chains.

Avery grinned wickedly as he stalked towards Lozen. Lozen lashed out at Avery, but he dodged the blow with ease. He then ran Lozen through with his blade, leaning forward to savory her dying breath. Lozen reached out, grabbed Avery’s head with both hands and called upon her faith. Using every ounce of will she attempted to drive the evil spirit out of Avery. Avery screamed out in agony as Lozen succumbed to unconscious.

DM being a Bastard
DM being a Rat Bastard


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