Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Oberron’s Return & Luko’s Good Bye

Esevelen, 25--Agitelen, 2nd (Jul 2-7)

While the party was recovering, Oberron showed back-up in town with a harrowing tale of his adventures in the catacombs beneath the hidden temple. He had managed to require Vilhelmus’s sword and had gathered a great deal of information about the environment and the denizens beneath the temple.

As soon as the elven twins had recovered and rejoined the party, Lukos held a meeting. He announced to the party that he was leaving to head back east to render aid to an old friend. He wished the party good fortune and left them the deed to the villa that he had purchased a month ago.

The party, minus Vilhelmus and Lukos, now decided to return to the Hidden Temple to retrieve the treasure they had hidden previously. Feeling the need for some additional help, they purchased a dwarven war dog named Tycho and a female hedge mage named Danica. The party returned to the temple where they soon encountered a horde of undead. The party made quick work of them and returned to Turos Tem with their loot


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