The Demon

Fallen Holy Man


Cloaked in flowing red robes, The Demon was once a man until he stole a power of a demon and made it his own.

He is now currently searching for the means to bringing down the great Thornwall that protects the heart of the elven lands. He is close to finding a descendant of the Thorn Queen and with their blood he can bring down the wall.


Once a promising Templar of Türas known as Brother Selya, he was once a member of the legendary adventuring known as the Eagles of Justice. After they defeated the false Emperor Leto IV, Brother Selya was on his way to becoming High Priest of the Temple of Türas. He fought side by side with D’Mitri Hastinov during his pacification of Traladar and the Conquest of the Rover Downs.

This all changed with the Imperial Mage Fidelias , another former member of the Eagles of Justice, succumbed to the Left Hand of Doom, his demon possessed arm. Brother Selya killed him and ripped the demonic power from Fidelias and took it for himself. Brother Selya would use this power to hunt down and kill all of the Immortals.

Brother Selya has killed all of the remaining Immortals except for the Arch Lich and The Queen of Thorns. He wants to set men free from the rule of Gods and Immortals.

The Demon

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