Lemunda Hastinov

Wife of D'mitri Hastinova, b. 947 – d. 1011


Lemunda was born into a rich Traladarian merchant family in the Province of Traladar, Even at a young age, she was considered a rare beauty and many called her Lemunda the Lovely. She was a skilled singer and harp player. She had an arranged marriage set for at the age of 12 to a Traladarian Noble House.

During her late teens, she was kidnapped by bandits, who held her for ransom. She was rescued by a passing group of adventurer known as the Crimson Blades. That is when she first meet the man who would be her future husband, D’mitiri Hastinov.

Later she would be used as a pawn by a enemy of the Crimson Blades, Eldwin Rodemus. He used a powerful charm to make her betray her friends and molested her to taunt D’mitiri. Her friends were able to break the charm. Eventually D’mitri would have his revenge and kill Eldwin, he also married Lemunda after breaking up her arranged marriage, by beating her fiance up.

Lemunda had three children and six grandchildren and loved all of them fiercely. When Borris Hastinov died, she took in his granddaughter and helped raise her. At the age of 64, she grew gravely ill and passed away.

Lemunda Hastinov

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