Idimmu the Demonic

Champion of the Lady Below, Master of the Black Ziggurat


Idimmu the Demonic is a very young wyrm with a purplish-black hide. He makes his lair in the vault beneath the altar of the Black Ziggurat.

As a wyrm, Idimmu breathes a cloud of fetid gas 20’ high, 40’ long, and 40’ wide dealing 6d6 points of damage to creatures in the area of effect. Creatures that save versus Breath take half damage. Creatures that fail the saving throw take full damage and are afflicted by a noxious rotting disease which causes their body to
deteriorate. They lose 1d4 points of STR, DEX, and CON each day until cured by a cure disease
spell from a 9th level or higher cleric. If any of the character’s ability scores is reduced to 0, the character dies.
Lost ability score points are recovered at a rate of 1 per day after the disease is cured


Idimmu was attracted to the Hidden Temple by the call of the Heart of Sakkara. He quickly made an alliance with the Lady Below.

He was slain by a band of heroes who launched an assault on the temple.

Idimmu the Demonic

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