Drusus, Bandit King

Outlaw and Self Proclaimed Banidt King


Wanted: The brigand Drusus for desertion, drunkenness, kidnapping, manslaughter, mayhem, murder, robbery, and other outrages against the Empire! 750gp shall be paid by the Quartermaster to whomever brings this outlaw to Imperial justice, dead or alive.

Drusus is a scheming man, and quick to make an alliance if it might benefit him (even if some of his men have been killed by PCs already). Before taking up brigandage, he was a subaltern in the legions if he learns that the party hails from Türos Tem he will inquire after the health of his blood-brother, Peleos Methori.


Once a former legionare, Drusus stuck out on his own and became a bandit leader. His bandit clan eventually swore allegiance to The Lady Below and took up residence in the Hidden Temple.

Drusus and his bandit clan were all wiped out by a band of savage murder-hobos who showed him no mercy.

Drusus, Bandit King

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