Borris Hastinov

Loyal Brother, Faithful Husband, Loving Father and Grandfather


Borris Razin Hastinov

10th Level Lawful Human Fighter

Born 948 YE – Died 1002 YE

Tribune of the Barony of Sascia
Former Exarch of Cappadoica
Former Preator of the Western Legions
Former Member of the Crimson Blades


Borris was the bastard son of the Senator Pretorius Hastinov. He was fully accepted by the Hastinov’s as one their own and grew close with his half-brother, D’mitri Hastinov.

Borris was young when he was kidnapped by wererats who were intent on sacrificing him to a cheese mold. D’mitri rescued him and he ended up joining his brother in the Crimson Blades. He would eventually leave the group and joing the Imperial Legion as a junior officer.

He would serve with honor for the next thirty years, reaching the rank of Praetor in the Legion and served as Exarch of Cappadocia for a time. It was here he meet his wife a rover girl named Gisela. They married and had a son named Pitor.

His son Pitor would be killed in a goblin raid leaving behind his daughter Ivanova who Borris and Gisela took in. Gisela would die the following year from red fern fever. Borris continued to raise the young girl until his death from a heart attack in the autumn of 1002YE.

Borris Hastinov

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