Agrippa the Defiler

The Undead Terror of the Lushaun Forest


When the priestesses of the chthonic eventually die, they do not always stay dead. When the burial grounds where the priestess is buried become shadowed pits, they can rise as Psychofágos or “Soul Eaters”.

Psychofágos are intelligent undead creatures that lurk within the tombs and graves that they were buried in. These twisted grey skinned humanoids will roam the nearby countryside, preying on unwary travelers and villages. Often their victims rise again as a flesh eating ghouls or zombies under the command of the Psychofágos.

The only way to permanently kill a Psychofágos is to drive a silver nail into its head and then decapitate it.


In the Year 1013, multiple reports of a strange creature have reached the ears of Imperial Authorities. Villagers, travelers and merchant have disappeared on the road that runs south of the Lushaun Forest. Survivors of attacks have described a grey skinned female dragging off victims into the forest.

In the same year a brave band of heroes tracked the foul creature to her lair and defeated her.

Agrippa the Defiler

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