Atticus the Wanderer

Wine, Women and Song


Atticus the Wanderer

Level 1 Neutral Bard (Reciter)

AC 4, Move 120’ (40’), HP 6, ATK Short sword and silver dagger (9+, 1d6) or crossbow (8+, 1d6)

Ability Scores: STR 12, INT 10, WIS 7 (-1), DEX 16 (2), CON 10, CHA 13 (1)

Class Powers: Inspire courage (1/day), loremastery 18+, arcane dabbling 18+

Saving Throws: Petrification/Paralysis 13+, Poison/Death 13+, Blast/Breath 16+, Staff/Wands 14+, Spells 15+

Proficiencies: Adventuring, Magical Music, Performance (singing) 2

Languages: Common

Equipment: Crossbow; case with 20 bolts; short sword; silver dagger; well-maintained leather armor; freeholder’s tunic and pants; sturdy low boots; backpack with 2 weeks of iron rations and 2gp (3 5/6 stone)

Description: Though he speaks Common with a Chalcedon accent, Atticus has the dark brown skin, wooly hair, and broad nose characteristic of the southern peoples. He has a formidable black beard and a reckless smile that reveals a small gap between his front teeth. Atticus enjoys coaxing charity out of stingy rich people with his magical music, though he is careful to always pay a tithe on such earnings to thank the gods for his amazing voice.


The son of a Cinnbar mercenary who settled in Chalcedon, Atticus grew up hearing tales of his father’s exploits in the Roverdowns. When he reached manhood, Atticus decided to seek adventure in the fabled southern lands for himself. To his surprise, he was captured by Jutland sea-raiders while only half-way across the Sea of Dawn. Atticus likely would’ve been sold as a pleasure slave had he not fortuitously managed to charm the ship captain just as they were disembarking the witch Yrsa at Specularum, in the province of Traladar.

After several adventures with the party, Atticus was slain by Agrippa the Fetid. He was laid to rest at Turos Luln.

Atticus the Wanderer

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