Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

The Lost Vault Part 1

Juselen 11th 1014 YE

Juselen 11th 1014 YE

The party waited until after midnight before they infiltrated the valley and was able to locate the secret entrance to the vault. Oberron guided the party into a cave that held the actual door into the vault. The vault door was masterfully crafted from a strange golden metal engraved with am archaic runic hammer. Someone has defaced the door by scratching dwarven runes into the door. Oberron did not bother translating what it said. Instead Oberron opened the door and a thick purple fog that hung about a foot off the ground began to pour into the cave. While strange, it did not seem to be harmful. Stranger still was the fact the door had not been locked or barred.


Once inside the heroes began to explore the mysterious lost dwarven settlement. It seemed clear that no one had been inside in a long time. As the party held a loft their lamp and torches, they could see every inch of the walls was covered in fine dwarven runes. Oberron translated a little and explained they documented how each wall, arch, room and door was crafted. The party soon reached a four-way intersection and decided to check the side passages that lead to rooms.

They quickly discovered a cloak room filled with scores of dwarven cloaks, sandals, armor, and weapons. Across the hall they searched a a room where it seemed the vaults residents would come to shave their beards and spike them to the wall. This raised many an eyebrow among the party, dwarves are infamous for the pride they take in their beards. Oberron remained stubbornly silent on this, choosing to ignore what he saw and focus of loot.

They eventually entered a great hall and quite literral tripped over a mystery. They discovered that the fog hid the scene of a massacre, scores of dead clean shaved dwarves and humans wearing early period Thracian armor. Many of the dwarves seemed to have died from stab wounds. The humans however all look like they choked to death. Even more disconcerting was the fact that the bodies looked as if they had all just died, perfectly preserved by the strange purple fog.

On the walls of the great hall was told the history of the dwarves and of a god they once worshiped. The dwarves were once one of the elite of the wicked Nethyarii Empire and the walls told the stories of the horrific things they did. One mural was splashed with a black tar substance and showed the dwarves forging the Banes, using slaves as sacrifices.

Oberron was quiet and did not speak about much of what they saw. They took the time to examine the alter at the end of the hall along with the gold flecked pocked marked rock next to it. They took the golden rock pick and hammer from the altar. Oberron took several plaques that were storage in the altar. There were two doors leading out of the hall. One on the western wall seemed to be the source of the purple fog as it seeped out of the cracks around the door.


While they searched the room, a number of the dead dwarves stood up and attacked the party. Lozen attempted to use her faith in Ianna to turn the undead back, but the reanimated dwarves seemed impervious to her efforts. The party withdrew taking the door in the eastern wall and headed deeper into the vault. They soon came across a door that opened into a library filled with tomes made from stone.

The heroes attempted to barricade the door with the stone books, but the undead dwarves forced their way through. After fighting off several waves of undead dwarves, Avery was able to cast Wizard Lock on the door leading to the Great Hall preventing any more attacks. The party was able to finally catch their breath and tended to their wounds. They made the decision to rest and recover from the first day in the vault.


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