Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

The Long Journey Part I

Juselen, 2nd-3rd , 1014 YE

The Long Journey Part I

The party rose early in the morning and made their way down to the docks. They had a hired a number of barges to take them and their horses up river to the Dragon Falls.

The boats left the docks and the party was on their way. They first travel north up the coast to the mouth of the Krysivor River in the Viamar Marshes. The weather was cool with a steady wind blowing and light clouds.Once in the marshes the party came across a large herd of antelope feeding on the fresh green shoots in the marshes. They soon exited the marshes and were entering the Lusaun Forest.

By mid day the party had reach a point where they could go no further with barges. They offloaded and rode north following the river. Sometime later the party had a chance encounter with a pack of hellhounds that quickly overcame.

The Dragon Falls (Base)

By the afternoon they reached the base of the great Dragon Falls to their surprise they discovered a small clan of gnomes had built a settlement at the base of the falls. The gnome had built a lift to the top of the falls and were charging for its use.

The party came to terms with the gnomes and the party made it to the top without incident. Garrick however decided he wanted to go back down to drink with the Gnomes. On his way down, a wyvern attacked the elevator and flew off with the cage with Garrick still in it. The party came to his rescue and killed the Wyvern.


The party decided to make camp at the top of the fall as it had grown dark already.

The Dragon Falls (Top)

The party woke to the sound of thunder and the crash of lighting, a massive storm had blown in. The party struggled to break camp and get under way. They traveled west to Türos Tem in order to use the ford their to cross the river. The going was tough, the storm was getting fiercer, finally the Oberron suggested they stop off at his hidden cave to take shelter from the storm. As they got close to the cave, Garrick was struck by a bolt of lighting. Then another bolt split a tree which then fell on Garrick.

The Cave That Oberron Built

The party took shelter in the cave and waited for the storm to subside.


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