Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Siadanos IV – Rocks and Lizards

Innelen, 10th-13th (Aug 12-16)

Siadanos IV – Rocks and Lizards

The group was huddled in the elven quarter waiting for Winged Lion to make port. The Treasury Fleet arrived on the morning of the 12th. Not too far behind it the Winged Lion arrived carrying on board Brother Merrin, Sister Lozan, and Oberron, who had joined the ship in Turos Luln. After the party was united, Vilhelmus spoke with his crew and made arrangements to load the illicit cargo and the party so they could depart for The Black Eagle Fortress. It was during this time the party was approached by two groups. One was the dock master, who the party quickly got rid of using Tycho’s flatulence. The second was the priestess from the New Hellions accompanying an elder elf and entourage. The party now had some VIPs that they needed to get to Black Eagle.

The party set sail down the river to the Gulf of Halag. Along the way, the Black Bull Mercenary Company made one final attempt on the VIP the party was escorting. Using archers and catapults, they tried to sink the ship, but thanks to Vilhelmus’s seamanship and Avery’s magic they were able to escape.


The ship had taken some serious damage during the ambush. The crew did the best they could, but the ships movement was slowed. Vilhelmus decided to anchor near the Viamar Marshes in the evening to waiting out a storm that had swept over the gulf.

During the night, the ship was attacked by a raiding party of Lizardmen. With the help of the crew, the party was able to repeal the attackers. The next morning they set sail and made the trek down the coast and finally arrived at the port of Black Eagle.


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