Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Siadanos III - Shadows Over Siadanos

Innelen, 9th-10th (Aug 11-12)

Shadows Over Siadanos

The twin informed the cousins that an important envoy from the Kingdom of Canolbarth was heading to Siadanos and they found out a team of assassin had been dispatched to intercept them. The cousins informed the twin they the Imperial Talons were operating in the town and they were going to kidnap one of them. The four of them devised a plan to stop the assassin and kidnap a talon. It was a good plan and could have worked but no plan survives contact with the enemy, which is why they are the enemy.

The elves set to searching the Third Ward looking for the killer. The elves were looking out for dwarven female mercenary known as Manda. She was reputed to be a member of the Black Bull Company and was staying at the company’s garrison. Meanwhile the cousins had acquired some imperial naval uniforms and were staking out the brothel.

After several hours, the brothers finally spotted her, a busty raven haired dwarven lass armed with an arbalest. She was not alone however as she had three other members of her mercenary guild with her. The group headed south to the Fourth Ward and the West Gate. The elves followed closely behind. The cousin also spotted Muso around this time and he also was not alone, his team was with him, a full Claw. Muso and his men headed down through the Third Ward and into the Fourth Ward also.

Both teams of killers left Siadanos and were heading north, weaving their way through and around the sprawling refugee camp that was there. Manda had spotted the brothers trailing her and used the camp to lose them. The elves in their effort to stop her sparked a riot. As the fighting consumed the camp, the two teams of killers ran into each other and standoff was at hand. It seemed they were both there to kill the same person. The heroes deiced to use this to launch an attack on the killers.

Vilhelmus focused on Muso, attempting to subdue him quickly, while his cousin tore through the other Talons with a terrible ferocity. Manda used the confusion to escape, but Garrick was hot on her heels. Avery killed all of the other members of her team. The fight was shortly over, but the riot was spreading. Vilhelmus and Ivanova secured the unconscious Muso while Avery went to help his brother. Manda had Garrick pinned down, but Avery soon flushed her out. Manda ended up escaping but she was in no position to complete her mission.

The group took Muso north away from the riot and found an empty barn. Ivanova was able to find out that Muso has thought her dead, and that if an Imperial Talon had tried to kill her, where was the rest of his claw and why did they not try to kill her. Ivanova eventually ended Muso’s life. The group then tried to re-enter the city but the gate were closed and no one was being allowed in or out. The party then too the long walk to the Lake District and sought shelter with the elves.

Dawn came early; the smell of smoke from the burning refugee camp could be smelled even in the Lake District. The four heroes broke fast with Arerwel the priestess. She informed them the town was now on lock down. The riot had been put down by the legion, but tensions were running high. With the Imperial Tax fleet soon to arrive, the Prefect was taking no chances and locked down the town.


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