Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Getting Caught Up

9th to 22nd of Pendaelen

Session VI– 9th to 22nd of Pendaelen


Party returns to Turos Tem, where Garrick and Lukos recover in the hospital. The rest of the party find ways to amuse themselves.

Avery leaves town without explanation.

Vilhelmus engages in some Drunken Debauchery that leads to the capture of the Infamous criminal Jerle Hardbottom and Avery’s hand being maimed. The Priestess Genelen was able to restore the hand, but now the party owes her the head of Agrippa the Defiler.

After recovering from the mortal wound and tampering with his mortality, Avery can now speak with the dead.

The party returns to the ancient temple and encounters Antonius. They find the kobold’s treasure, deface some unholy murals and kill the guardian of the treasure, a spitting cobra.

Session VI– 17th to 22nd of Pendaelen


Antoninus ends up losing his head and the party gets asked to deal with a Gnoll issue. The gnolls and their kobold cannon fodder prove to be a tough challenge for the heroes.

Both Avery and Garrick received mortal wounds that end up in the brother’s receiving matching gruesome scars, TWINS!.

The party is forced to return to town, so the elf twins could receive proper medical care.

Once back in town the brothers are settled in at the hospital. After a full day of bed rest, Avery is discharged.

While they were getting medical care, Ivanova, Lozen and Avery got into some drunken debauchery. The night ends up with the three of them having to appear on the parade grounds at dawn to duel with members of the Black Bull Mercenary Company. The trio prevails kill their opponents in a Turas Blessed Duel.

Vilhelmus stayed on the sidelines watching the duel, while sinister eyes watched their every move. A dark shadow had attached itself to the party.

Garrick while still in the hospital is approached by a man named Loch, a representative of the Silver Scale Trading Company. Loch thinks Garrick is Avery and demands that Avery return something he had acquired.

After the duel, events transpired that forced Avery to reveal that he had come in to possession of a large amount of opium, but he did not reveal the exact manner in which he came into possession and what else he got in return

On the evening of the 22nd, Avery, Lozen, Ivanova, and Vilhelmus prepare to head out in the morning to a remote homestead to meet with the representative from the Company of the Silver Sword Company.


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