Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Destination: Borderlands

4th to 6th of Pendaelen, (Early Spring) 1013YE

The Lushaun Forest

Ivanova and Vilhelmus gave chase to the creature into the Lushaun Forest. After a confusing chase, Ivanova and Vilhelmus lost Agrippa’s trail and found themselves lost in the forest. Meanwhile back at the site of the initial attack Luko’s gathered up the rest of the party and followed the trail left by their comrades. Eventually the party found their missing members in an open glade in the forest. There reunion was interrupted however by the presence of Blood Lilies, which attacked them. The party overcame the blood thirsty plants. Lukos lead them out the forest and back on toward the road.

The Midway Inn

The party got back onto the road and hurried to reach safety before the sun went down and they were stuck on the road at night with the Agrippa somewhere nearby. The party eventually reached the gates of the Midway Inn, a caravanserai located on the imperial road halfway between Siadona and Turos Tem.

The party was able to talk their way in after convincing Adonis, the gatekeeper to let them in, since the doors were normally barred after dark. Once inside, the party availed themselves of the accommodations and got familiar with the locals. The tavern was filled with a wide variety of people. Imperial legionnaires, caravaners, farmers, and a group of mercenaries from the infamous Company of the Silver Sword. Lozan and her henchman Atticus spoke with the resident bard and put together a little impromptu dance that was the highlight of the evening.


After the dance, a barbarian mercenary attempted to paw at Lozan, who deftly avoided his drunken swipes and slammed him into a table. The mercenary’s friends stood up menacingly but then quickly backed down, when the dozen imperial legionnaires who also happened to be spending the night at the inn made it clear that they had the Bladedancer’s back. The leader of the mercenaries, a blonde haired Dane, watched the entire event silently, his icy blue eyes tracking everyone and everything.

On the Road

The party retired from the tavern, to the bath house, Vilhelmus was the last to leave, stopping at the mercenaries’ table to make a promise of violence to the leader of the mercenaries. The mercenary captain said nothing only looking at Vilhelmus with cold disdain.

The next morning, the party arose early and set off on the road towards Turos Tem. Vilhelmus and Garrick seemed to be avoiding making eye contact with each other. The morning started off overcast and by Noon rain was gently failing. By evening, the party had found an abandoned barn to stay the night. Other than a encounter with a giant owl.

Türos Tem

The party finally arrived at Türos Tem and made their way up to the fort. After entering the fort they were stopped by an imperial soldier,Decurion Lynara Miren, who recorded their names. The party quickly located and entered the headquarters of the fort. The headquarters building stands 125’ long and 85’ wide, with 5’ thick walls, and is divided into three parts. The front half is an open colonnaded courtyard, 45’ square, surrounded by a 15’ wide, 15’ tall veranda. Beyond the courtyard is a cross-hall, 25’ wide and 75’ long, with a 25’ roof. Behind the cross-hall lies an elevated shrine flanked by a pair of offices on either side.


The three central rooms are separated from the cross-hall by gated bronze fences that allow free view into the cross-hall and courtyard. Various bulletins and official notices are posted along the walls of the courtyard. The party moved over and checked many of the posted notices. Ivanova made the acquaintance of Quartermaster Koinos Thales, the fort’s quartermaster who quickly warmed to her.

The party then sought out the commander of the fort, the Legate Ulrand Valerian. Arriving at the Legate’s villa they entered the atrium and were ushered into a waiting area with other supplicants seeking an audience with the Legate. The doors to the atrium are massive oak constructions, 10’ wide and tall, studded with bronze adornments. The atrium’s floor is a tiled mosaic mapping the extent of the Thracian Empire as it stood under Stefan the Great. Many of the tiles have been scuffed and broken through the years, such that the map has been reduced to a fractured and chaotic result. 6’6” marble statues of the Empire’s great captains stand at each corner of the atrium – clockwise from the northwest, God-Emperor Justinian, Stefan the Great, Ludwig Von Hendriks, and Dmitry Hastinov. The walls behind the statues are hung with curtains of red, gold, and purple.

While waiting to meet the Legate, the party meets a beautiful Thracian matron, the Lady Celena Valerian, wife of the Legate. After meeting the party, she extended an invitation to all of them to join them for a banquet later that night.

The Legate

The party were escorted into the legate’s office. A curtain of translucent yellow linen screens the office from the garden to the north. The office within is designed to awe and intimidate petitioners and supplicants. To either side of the entrance are 6’6” tall bronze statues of Ianna, goddess of war. A red-painted cement dais rises 2’ above the floor over the southern half of the room. The dais is surmounted by a marble table with bronze legs in the shape of lion’s paws, behind which sits the legate’s bronze throne. The wall behind the throne has been painted with a map of the borderlands as they were during the time of Stefan the Great (25 years ago).

The party introduced themselves to the Legate and inquired about the warrant for Druss and the reward for ending the beastmen raids along the borderlands. During the meeting, the Legate was surprised at the presence of Ivanova, who he revealed to, everyone’s surprise, was supposed to have died over a year ago. Vilhelmus petitioned the Legate to serve in his legion, but was rebuffed due to the disfavor of the Hastinovs. The party was dismissed shortly afterwards and made their way to the local inn.


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