Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE


Innelen, 16th (Aug 18) - Nethelen 1st


Innelen, 16th (Aug 18)

The heroes, battered, bloodied, exhausted and had been awake for over 36 hours. Grabbing the three glowing shards that were once the Heart of Sakkara, they holed up in the chamber that used to be the Lady Below’s.

Innelen, 17th – 18th (Aug 19-20)

After a long rest, the party took stock of their situation. They looted the Lady Below’s chamber and learned a great deal about her and the fact she use to follow the orders of someone known as the Master of Secrets. They also discovered where the location of the Black Hare’s Hideout was and where the Ogres came from, the ruins of the Watchtower at Eammon Mór.

The party returned to the Inner Fane and had to fight off a swarm of Abominations. The combined arcane power of Avery and his Henchman, Mornya injured or killed most of them. The rest of the group finished them off.

The party spent the next two days liberating all of the prisoners and stripping everything of value in the temple. The party had discovered that the Lady had ordered all of her Beastmen to aid the Ogre Warlord in his attempt to break Türos Tem.

Innelen, 19th (Aug 21)

The heroes led the freed prisoners out of the hidden temple. The closest settlements was Türos Tem and The Midway Tavern. After a brief discussion the decision was made to head to the fort to see if it still stood or if it had fallen.


Türos Tem

The party arrived at Türos Tem and saw the aftermath of the Battle of the Red Ford. Mounds of dead beastmen were burning; the town outside of the fort was little more than rubble. The party’s villa was now a smoking ruin.

The Imperial Legion Banners on the fort had been replaced by the banners of the Silver Sword Mercenary Company. There were a number of legionnaires making ready for a march.The Centurion was seen directing everyone.

The party approached him and learned that the empire had won the Battle of the Red Ford, the Beastmen were repulsed. Legate Valerian was wounded and later died from his injuries. Malyn the Misshapen had also passed away, when the party presented the truth about Lady Valerian, the Centurion was shocked until the party showed him her head. The doppelganger had already left heading southwest to Siadanos. A message was sent to arrest it at once.

The party discovered that the entirety of the borderlands was now to be garrisoned by mercenaries in the employ of the Silver Scale Trading Company and Silar Silverhand had been promoted to Legate. The Silver Scale Company was now responsible for the defense of the Border Lands, in return all farming, lumber and mining rights in the borderlands were exclusively owned by the trading company.

A meeting was had later that week as the heroes had to make a decision on what to do with the three shards of the Tablet of Destiny they had acquired. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that they would be split up and taken to three safe locations.

One shard would be taken by Lozen to the island of Themyscira, where the High Temple of Ianna was located. Ivanova would be joining her as would Vilhelmus who would sail them as close as he could.

One shard would be taken by the Avery and Garrick. Using contacts within the New Hellions, they arranged to be escorted into the Kingdom of Canolbrath by Owen the Courtier. They would present the fragment to Illiana, the Queen of Thorns, Immortal Ruler of the Wood Elves.

The last shard would be taken by Oberron to High Forge to be presented to the Vault Lords.

Innelen, 19th – 24th (Aug 21)

The Breaking of the Fellowship

The party left Türos Tem and made their way south to return to the Hastinov Estate. They did not travel this road alone. Many of the villagers who were rescued by the heroes accompanied them. Ivanova had made sure that many of these folks received a portion of the treasure hauled from the temple. With her kindness and the fact that she had personally slain the Lady Below, she had become something of a celebrity, as was the rest of the party.

As they entered the gate of the estate, they were greeted by the Hastinovs and the heroes had come full circle. They had left here five months ago on a quest to discover the source of troubles on the Borderlands. They had overcome many challenges and defeated terrible evil. It was not without a cost. Priestess Genelan, Malyn the Imperial Mage, Atticus the Bard and Brother Merrin had paid for it with their lives, Lukos had given up, and a number of other had died. The Stone of Sakkara had been destroyed forever, but now the Borderlands where in the hands of the Silver Scale Company.

The following day, a great feast was had. The heroes related everything to D’mitri Hastinov. He thankful they had destroyed the evil, but was concerned with the how much power that Silar Silverhand was acquiring.

Nethelen 1st

The party leaves the Hastinov Estate and part ways, promising to meet again in six months at the Hastinov Estate for the Feast of Valentinus.


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