Thracian Knowledge and Learning


For centuries, the Empire’s scholars had created and collected great works on law, rhetoric, ethics, political economy, natural history, natural philosophy, and mathematics. After the death of Emperor Justinian, civil war ripped through the capitol and the Imperial Library which contained 700,000 works, with thirteen lecture halls for up to 5,000 students, and was the epicenter of learning in the known world was burned to the ground.

Only a fraction now survives, but even this leaves Thrace as the center of knowledge in the world. Its astronomers know the true length of the year and have maintained accurate calendars for centuries. They track the procession of the globe, and have cataloged the stars and constellations. Its physicists have working theories of motion, statics, mechanics, and optics. Its mathematicians have codified arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, and algebra for use by engineers; they understand both zero and infinity, though they have only barely plumbed the secret of the calculus and the metaphysics of time, space, and reality.


The philosophers and scholars of Thrace have also created marvels of mechanics and miniaturization. The Tower of Knowledge is renowned for its great Orrery, a clockwork mechanical device that illustrates the positions and motions of planets. Mechanical calculators for astrology have been created that are small enough to fit in a chest. Automated doors that open acoustically are used in royal buildings. Most impressive of all is the titanic automaton that guards the guards the entrance to the Navigilo Grande.

The Titan of Thrace


Thracian medicine is as advanced as its mechanics. Physicians practicing dissection and surgery have discovered the existence of the heart, lungs, brain, and other major organs and systems. Forceps, scalpels, scissors, cauterizers, and bandages are all available to the skilled physicker. Herbal remedies are used for pain, as well as recreation, and hallucinogens and stimulants are brewed for chewing, smoking, or ingestion. Sterilization is well understood, and makes the Empire’s surgical procedures much safer. Tooth implants can even replace damaged or lost teeth, and porcelain veneers can restore a smile. Skill, herbal medicine, and divine magic combined mean that the rich of Thrace can be healed of almost any injury or illness, save death itself.

Thracian Knowledge and Learning

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