The Midway Inn

The Midway Inn

Located at an Imperial caravanserai, The Midway Inn is popular stopping point for travelling imperial officials, merchant caravans, and adventurers.

The Inn itself is 60’ x 60’ two story brick and wood building with an open square in the centers. There are several buildings outside of the inn including a barn, a black smithy, a wainwrights shop and a lumber mill. The inn and all of these buildings are inside of a roughhewn wooden palisade. Many locals come here for smithy work and cut lumber.



Praxius (N), a middle aged human is a retired adventurer (F4) and owner of the Midway Inn and the entire compound. He is rugged in appearance, with short black hair and bright hazel eyes. He wears well-made clothing and a silver holy symbol of Ammonar. He is a skilled dancer and swordsman

Adonis [N], was once a human fighter (5th Level) until he made an enemy of an Imperial Mage named Furiosa who cursed him and turned him into a troll. Unable to lift the curse, he wandered the wilderness looking for a safe haven when he was taken in by Praxius, a former colleague. He now lives at the Inn and is in charge of security. He wears chain armor and fights with a battle-ax in both hands. Most people are smart enough to know not to cause trouble at the Inn. The few who are not, so learn the hard way.

Goods and Services

• Private room costs 5sp per night
• Lodging in the courtyard costs 1sp per night
• Stabling costs 2sp per night for donkeys and mules, 5sp for horses.
• Food and drink is available between sunrise and sunset in the eatery

Food Stuffs

Item Cost Item Cost
Bran bread loaf (1lb) 1cp Boiled greens with fish sauce 1cp
Wheat biscuit with honey 1cp Pickled beets 2cp
Wheat toast with salt, olives, and fish sauce 2cp Boiled lentils with almonds 3cp
Wheat toast with cheese, onions, and ham 2cp Dried figs with honey 3cp
Wheat meal porridge, one bowl 3cp Vinegar and water 1cp
Pair of hardboiled eggs with fish sauce 1cp Barley water and honey 1cp
Pair of fried eggs with salt and pepper 1cp Milk and honey 2cp
Blood sausage with egg, onion, and pepper (4oz) 2cp Watered local wine 2cp
Fresh-cooked spicy pork sausage (4oz) 3cp Warm spiced Krysean wine 5cp
Fried mullet fish 5cp Honeyed Tirenean wine 1sp

The Midway Inn

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