Türos Tem

Türos Tem (“castle fort, keep”) is part of a line of forts built 50 years ago by Emperor Stefan Karameikos to provide a forward defense against beastman invaders from beyond the Cruth Mountains. It sits atop a sheer-walled 150’ tall tor between the Krysivor River and Viaspen Forest, overlooking a 110’-wide ford across the Krysivor. A track of leveled earth winds down from the fort’s southern gatehouse to the ford, while paved roads descend sharply from the northern and western gatehouses. All three roads connect with an earthen path that circumscribes the tor.

Rising from the tor, Türos Tem’s curtain walls stand 10’ in height and thickness, and are surmounted with battlements 5’ tall and 3’ thick. Wall-walks, paved with stone slabs, run along the top of the curtain walls behind the battlements. The wall-walks are accessed by wooden stairs found in the mural towers at the fort’s four corners. The curtain walls were built with local limestone, but have been rendered and white-washed, such that they gleam brightly by day. In this way, the fort symbolically reflects the glory of the Winged Sun.

The curtain walls enclose a five-acre area of packed earth containing the dozen buildings that house the garrison. Except where otherwise noted, all of the interior buildings (as well as the inn and bathhouse outside the walls) are constructed of rendered and white-washed limestone and furnished with sloped roofs of red tile.Their interior walls are of plastered and white-washed wattlework, while interior flooring is cement.

A small village nestles around the western edge of the tor. Other than the inn and bath house, the village’s buildings are largely of half-timbered construction, using oak frames infilled with wattlework, with earthen floors. Like most villages which spring up around border forts, it is populated by a mix of camp followers, shop keepers, craftsmen, merchants, prostitutes, and retired soldiers.

Traders arrive here along the paved road from Siadanos and Türos Luin, typically staying just long enough to sell supplies to the fort, before departing along the northern road for Türos Aster.

From Türos Tem, Legate Ulrand Valerian governs a legature of 29 6-mile hexes and 3,711 families (about 18,500 people). His personal domain includes Türos Tem and the adjoining village (111 urban families) plus hexes 1209, 1308, 1309, 1408, and 1409 (700 peasant families total).

Türos Tem

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