Stefan Karameikos

Stefan Karameikos, Stefan the Great


Reign 10 Maius 968 – 4 Oct 989 AC

Acclaimed as emperor by the army at the Battle of Kelven after the slaying the false Emperor Leto, Stefan emerged victorious in a series of battles against his rival, Emperor Titus, to become sole ruler of the empire by 968 AC.

As emperor, Stefan enacted many administrative, financial, social, and military reforms to strengthen the empire. The government was restructured and civil and military authority separated. He ended slavery in the empire and wiped out the slaving guild. He crushed the pirates of the Sea of Dread.

During his reign, all of the territories lost in the last 100 years were reclaimed and the Roverdowns was annexed and became part of the empire in 978 AC. In Sept of 989, he suddenly and quickly became ill and then died. He was succeded by his son, Stefan II.

Stefan Karameikos

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