The Town of Siadanos

Population: 55,000 Humans (70% Thracian, 20% Hattian, 8% Rover, 2% Other), 2,000 Demi-Humans (50% High Elf, 25% Wood Elves, 10% Hin, 8% Dwarf, 4% Gnome, 2% Other
Market Class: IV
Garrison: 600 Legionnaires (200 Heavy Infantry, 200 Light Infantry, 100 Heavy Cavalry, 100 Light Cavalry), 100 Danish Mercenaries.

Important NPCs

  • Imperial Legion
    • Praetor Apollo Agnew, commander of the Prefectures military
    • Piuso Riusepur Bullova:
    • Imperial High Mage Reko Blackoak
  • Imperial Citizenry
    • Cyna: Male Human Alchemist – Cyna is fair in appearance, with messy gray hair and green eyes. He wears well-made clothing and a feathered hat. Cyna refers to himself in the third person.
    • Niuso Viuseptia Perio: Male Human Merchant (Herbalist) – Niuso is tall and overweight, with matted blonde hair and gray eyes. He wears simple clothing and carries an elm staff.
    • Vinnia Ciusilves: Female Elf Craftsman (Leatherworker) – Vinnia has a narrow face, with tangled brown hair and hazel eyes. She wears sturdy clothing and a wooden holy symbol.
  • Silver Scale Trading Company
    • Silar Silverhand – Head of the Silver Scale Trading Company
    • Loch – Silverhand Henchman
    • Keye – Silverhand Henchman
    • Avera Silverhand – Silar’s Daughter
  • New Hellion
    • Arerwel: Female Elf Cleric, Arerwel has red hair and large hazel eyes, and large ears. She wears banded mail and wields a mace. Arerwel holds a grudge against goblins.
    • Elwegon: Male Wood Elf Spellblade, Elwegon has thick gray hair and blue eyes, and a thin nose. He wears well-made clothing and a dragonscale cloak. Elwegon has an animal companion, a red firedrake named Saba.
    • Oppius Aesuius Tusimpla: Male High Elf Nightblade, Oppius has thin red hair and blue eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a short sword and sling.

Map of Siadano

A. Imperial Fortress
a. Prefect’s Villa
b. Imperial Garrison
c. Imperial Granary
d. Imperial Armory
e. Imperial Stables

B. First Ward (Imperial Ward)
a. Temple of the Unconquered Sun
b. House of Blue Orchids
c. Vasyli’s Emporium
C. Second Ward (Silver Road)
a. Silver Scale Trading House
b. Silver Sword Chapterhouse

D. Third Ward (Myrmidon Row)
a. Black Bulls Barracks
b. Storm Ravens Barracks
c. Jade Company Barracks
d. Shrine to Ianna

E. Fourth Ward (West Gate)
a. Tax & Customs Office
b. Urban Cohort Garrison
c. Shrine to Turas
d. Jail
e. Impound Yard

F. Fourth Ward (High Market)
a. Agora
b. Weapon Smith
c. Armor Smith
d. Fletcher / Bowyer
e. Herbalist
f. Alchemist
g. Leather Worker
h. Cobbler
i. Tavern
j. Inn
k. Brothel
l. Various Stalls
m. Temple of Mityara

G. Fifth Ward (Caravan Row)
a. Caravan Park
b. Blacksmith
c. Wainwright
d. Horse Seller

H. Sixth Ward (Olympia Ward)
a. Coliseum
b. Hippodrome

I. Seventh Ward (North Gate)
a. Granary
b. Brewery
c. Winery

J. Eighth Ward (Plebian Row)

K. Ninth Ward (East Gate)
a. The Sleeping Maiden (Inn)
b. The Cracked Mug (Tavern)

L. Rovers Row (Refugee Camp)

M. Riverside District
a. Docks
b. The Black Fish (tavern)

N. Vineyards & Orchards

O. Town Dump

P. Mouse District
a. Agora

Q. Lake District
a. High Elf Tower


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