The Lost Province of Selenicum


When the Empire of Thrace was being established, the City of Selenica was already several thousand years old having been founded in the days of the old elven empire. Selenica was the tenth-largest city in the Thracian Empire with a population of 39,000 composed mainly of Shaya Elves (75%), Vyalia Elves (10%), Humans (8%) and other races (7%). It controlled a large area that supported a population of 70,000 elves and humans. It was the seat of the Empire of Thrace’s northern most provinces, Selenicum.

Located at the far central northern end of the country, Selenica was the gateway to travel and trade with Ihram of the Pillars, Anvilheim, the Kingdom of Canolbarth and the nomads of the Great Grass Sea.

The surrounding countryside had been under the rule of the elves since the beginning of the Empire of Thrace. The city housed a great store of elven history and lore. In addition some of the best known building outside of the imperial capitol where located there. There was the great Hunting Lodge of Orion, the Emerald Tower of the Enchantrix, The Obsidian Halls of the Night Blades, the Feast Hall of Summer and the White Tower of the Spells Blade.

The Five Star Clans

Many of the elves and half-elves in the city belonged to various familial clans. Five clans ruled above all of the others, the Five Star Clans. These clans were all founded by children of the Liliana, the Queen of Thorns who broke with their mother and joined Justinian in his crusade to forge the Empire of Thrace. The Five Clans were Morgan, Granndach, Leamhanach, Camran, and Cloud. For their help, Justinian gave the five elves the rank of Patrician, seats in the Imperial Senate and the Province of Selenicum.

The Fall of Selenica

It was early in 993 AC that the leaders of Selenica became aware of an army of beastmen and giants marshaling in the Cruth Mountains. Selenica marshaled its legions and prepared to meet this army. The two armies meet in the summer and they did battle. The legions of Selenica were having the better of the fight until a great shadow passed over the battlefield. The ancient frost dragon Chill-Wing had arrived and the battle turned against the legions. The Army of Selenica was routed and the city was soon under siege by the dragon and the beastmen army. The defenders held the city for four days before Giants using huge mauls broke open the walls and the beastmen poured in. Most of the defenders were slaughtered buying as much time as possible so that the citizenry could flee to safety.

Some refuges found safety in the Kingdom of Canolbarth with their woodland elven cousins. Over 10,000 elves made the log trek south and arrived in the safety of the Empire. The great city had fallen and was now the domain of the dragon, cutting off all northern trade for the empire. Some stayed behind to wage a guerrilla war against the beastmen.

Many of the elves who fled to the south have been campaigning to retake the fallen province and the city. This campaign has become a full fledged political movement in the empire. The primary group who is fighting for this are known as the New Hellions.


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