Nox the Maiden of Dreams

Nox, Goddess of Night


She is the living incarnation of Night and all that comes with it. Her symbols are the North Star, The Double Crescent Moon, Comets and Shooting Stars. Many rogue and thieves pay homage to her as they use the night to perform most of their criminal activity. She is also worshiped by certain shape-shifters as Nyx.

The Oracle of Nyx: After the main temple of Nyx was destroyed during the Thracian civil wars. The oracle was moved to a secret location and the worship of her has all but stopped, except by people whose professions are related to the night.

There is a demi-goddess known as the Shadow Cat who is associated with her. She is the patron goddess of cat burglars. It is believed she was a thief who died in service to Nox and Nox raised fer to demi-godhood.

The Shadow Cat

Nox the Maiden of Dreams

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