High Forge

A large dwarf community, High Forge is nestled in the foothills near Lake Windrush. There are a number of exterior stone buildings in the community, but the bulk of the settlement lies below ground level. Quarries and shafts dot the region surrounding High Forge, and numerous “secret entrances” lead to the settlement.

Ruler: Bari Stonehelm of the Brass OX Clan, an honorable and battle hardened vault lord of astounding reputation. His ancestors marched with Emperor Justinian armies and for their service was granted the lands that High Forge now stands on.

Population: 22,000 dwarves (the majority) and an unknown number of humans.

Laws: In High Forge, Imperial Law and Dwarven Clan law is recognized by all citizens. They tend to settle their own disputes, try their own criminals, and do not report law breaking to human officials. Additionally, they do not pay taxes to the humans except when selling goods to them.

High Forge

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