God-Emperor Justinian

Justinian the Undying, God-Emperor of Thrace (1 AC- 24th Oct 966 AC)


He was the immortal founder of the Thracian Empire and its supreme ruler for over nine centuries. With his imperial legions, he conquered and ruled the largest empire in the Known World. The institutions that he created are the bedrocks of modern civilization and advanced the cause of humans and demi-humans for centuries.

Justinian was one of the group of beings known as The Immortals, a group of slaves who using some unknown ritual magic, caused the event known as the Crucible. This cataclysmic event destroyed the heart of the Empire of Nethyr and end their age.

In the resulting chaos followed, he traveled to the out province of Thrace and transformed the know free slaves there into an army, the First Imperial Legions. With his legions he created the largest empire in the new age.

His rule tragically ended when he was assassinated by his High Chamberlain Narses, all part of a greater conspiracy to destroy civilization by the cult known as the Fane de Moros.

God-Emperor Justinian

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