Forest Kingdom of Canolbarth

The Great Forest of Canolbarth

This is the oldest forest in the Known World. The Erendyl, also known as the Leaf Nomads, are spread out all across the known world. They have abandoned their old empire ways and have embraced an even older culturally tradition. It is one that hearkens back to the age when elves were creatures of the forest and lived with their gods.

The largest group, known as the Verdier, live in the Forest Kingdom of Canolbarth founded by the immortal elven ruler Liliana the Thorn Queen. They have few permanent dwellings, preferring temporary camps that are nearly impossible to find by non-elves.


Their ruler is the powerful immortal known as the Queen of Thorns. Humans have learned to not enter the great forest, for those who do never return. After the death of her brother Zartan, the Queen of Thorns cause a massive wall of iron thorn to grow around the heart of the forest. No one can pass the enchanted thorn wall with out the blessing of the queen.

Forest Kingdom of Canolbarth

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