Fionnghuala, Queen of Swans

Fionnghuala the Fair Shouldered (pronounced fin-noo-lah) is a lawful petty goddess of the Ancient Argodanean Pantheon. She is the patron goddess of sisterhood, sacred pools, water birds and deep and hidden magic. Her symbol is a white feather.

Fionnghuala is a small, very slender human woman with red hair and green eyes. She wears white feathered patches on her shoulders and on the crown of her head, and gossamer armor. She may also appear as a giant swan.


Fionnghuala is revered by Swanmays or Swan Maidens, a secretive organization of female human woodland warriors with the ability to transform into swans. Swanmays are all originally human females who were given their form of lycanthropy by voluntarily accepting a token, such as a feathered garment or signet ring, from a current swanmay. They are peaceful protectors of nature and, in particular, water birds. They live in small lodges on the banks of lakes in deep forests, and these can generally be recognized by the large number of swans and other water birds around them.

Fionnghuala has no clerics. On rare occasion it is known for her to take into her service a female paladin known as a Black Swan Maiden.

Fionnghuala is a member of the Fairy Court of the Queen of Summer, the assembly of lawful aligned deities who dwell in the mortal realm. All of the nobles of the two fairy courts, summer and winter, were all once the major deities of the ancient Argodanean people. Over the eons, they have fallen from grace and are now petty gods who dwell in the shadows of the mortal realm.

Fionnghuala, Queen of Swans

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