Fane De Moros

Fane De Moros



The Fane De Moros was a secret cabal whose overriding goal was to destroy the Empire of Thrace and the other nations of the Known World by setting free Duvan’ku, the Tryant of Undeath. With his return, they could then rebuild the fallen Empire of Nethyr and unleash a ten thousand year reign of terror.


Much about the organization of the Cabal is still a mystery, The leaders of the cabal however were well known. The inner circle was composed of five members known as the Black Star. Each Leader had their own cell of followers and agents.

Ti’ Lora the Reborn, a high priestess of Dirgion who died and was reborn in undeath as a [[Monster: Wyrd | Greater Wyrd]]. She operated out of a secret lair beneath the ruined village of Wereskalot in the Roverdowns. where she kept the Exalted Weapon Superbia and commanded an army of Brass Skeletons, [[Monster: Wyrd | Wyrds]] and Trolls. She was killed by the Crimson Blades.

Cyrus Maximus, a Elder Vampire based out of North Traladar, he raised an army of the undead and shapeshifters, that he unleashed on the empire. He disappeared into the Cruth Mountains soon after on a quest and never returned and is presumed to have been killed

Antioch, a Demon Possessed Human who had been a imperial centurion centuries before. He disguised himself as Patriarch Leto the IV, assassinated the emperor, seized control of the empire and was for a short time emperor. He was destroyed by the Crimson Blades.

Nezzuha, a human necromancer, who lead the Cult of the Black Scriptures, a death cult. Based out of the city, Irham of the Pillars, he goaded the nomads to raid and pillage the empire. He, his cult and his hidden temple dedicated to the Tyrant of Undeath were destroyed by a adventuring company known as the Blue Rose Company.

Semkhisi, Mummy Queen, she was one of Duvan’ku’s wives, She was imbued with undeath and returned to plaque the living. She and all of her followers were all destroyed by [Patriarch Selya] of the Temple of Ammonar.

The cabal had many spies, agents and henchmen working to do their bidding. So of the more infamous ones were:

*Eldwin Rodemus – Elder Wererat, after his based was destroyed by the Crimson Blades, he destroyed the village of Luln. He would later lead the defense of the captured Imperial City of Kelven against the Imperial Army of Stefan Karameikos. He would die at the hands of his arch nemesis’s the Crimson Blades.

Bargle the Defiler -Powerful necromancer, who was responsible for the infamous Rape of Threshold, the burning of the town and the rape, mutilation and murder of the entire populace of the town.


The cabal had several objectives that they sought to complete. They instigated a war between the Empire of Thrace and Triton, The Kingdom of Storms. While the Empire was busy fighting the Sea Elves in the [Sea of Dread], the cabal bribed the Alasiyan Nomad to being raiding the eastern provinces Empire. Using a network or agents they armed and equipped bands of bandits and tribes of beastmen to raid the borderlands of the western province.

They first located the Well of Eternal Darkness, the final resting place of Duvan’Ku. In order to free him, they had to unlock the enchanted seal. This required thee keys, each of which was one of the Exalted Weapons of the Nethyarii.

They needed one of each of the Swords of Law, Swords of Chaos and Staves of Balance. They managed to get Superbia, a Sword of Chaos and had aquired the The Staff of the Twin Moons. Cryrus Maximus was on the trail of one of the Swords of Law but he was never heard from again.


The death of Ti’ Lora Reborn and Antioch shook the cabal. The later deaths of Nezzuha and the disappearance of Cyrus broke it. Emperor Stefan the Great scoured the Known World and rooted out ever branch of the cabal he could find. It is rumored that some members survived the pogrom hiding in the wilderness.

Fane De Moros

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