The Crucible

The Crucible is the name given to the magical event that destroyed the heart of the Nethyr Empire and gave birth to the Immortals. A group of slaves had spent years working on a ritual that would free the world from the shackles of the Nethyarii. When the ritual was completed it turned the heart of the empire and the capitol into a burning wasteland that is now known as the Broken Lands.


“The sky turned black as sack cloth, the great gleaming towers toppled over and walls crumbled as the earth rolled like the waves of the ocean. Great geyser of magma shot into the sky, raining fire down across the city. Like some great beast rising from the primordial ooze, a volcano exploded in the middle of the city.”
- Emperor Justinian, Chronicle of the Crucible

The outer lying provinces were heavily damaged by the tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and fierce storms that swept out from the destruction. Every pure-blooded Nethyarii died where they stood as the blood magic of the ritual burned out their souls.

“All across the empire, the Nethry fell where they stood, cut down like ripe wheat, the light of life burnt out of them. The slaves gathered their master’s bodies, mutilating them and tossed them into great burial pits. I danced upon their bodies under the moonlight.”
- The Great Crone, Chronicles of the Crucible

Without the Nethyarii to led them, the Beastmen Armies where soon overwhelmed by the empire’s slaves who rose up in rebellion. Hundreds of petty kingdoms sprang up all across the Known World, trying to fill the void left by the fall of the Nethyarii.

“With the Nethyr civilization now destroyed, it was every man, elf and dwarf for themselves. Cities and towns burned, tens of thousands died from famine and disease. It was glorious and terrifying. Only the strongest could survive.”
- The Prince, Chronicles of the Crucible



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