Ammonar the Lightbringer

Ammonar the Lightbringer


  • Titles: Lightbringer, Lawgiver, Lord of the Dawn
  • Spheres of Influence: Light, Law, Creation
  • Holy Symbols: Winged Sun and Eagle
  • Sacred Animals: Eagle and Griffin
  • Major Holiday: Celebration of Unconquered Dawn-December 21 / Winter Solstice


Ammonar is the highest and most powerful god in the Empyrean Pantheon. He is the patron god of the Empire of Thrace. The Temple of the Winged Sun, sacred to Ammonar, is the largest and most powerful of the clerical orders. Its clerics are common throughout the Empire, where they proselytize the Empyrean faith, crusade against its foes, and minister to the needs of the faithful. It is located on top of Mount Justinian overlooking the capitol city of the empire, Tauresium. There is also the Solaria, the great temple of the sun located in the city.


Other Nations and Races

Ammonar is known as Eamon Arne (Elves); Agmundr (Danes); Ahuraman (Celdorean); Aryaman (Sunset Kingdoms); Imran (Alysian); and Aranunn (Zaharan).


Ammonar the Lightbringer

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