Tag: Monster


  • Wyrd

    *Wyrd* Wyrd are intelligent and powerful undead. They are are chaotic spirits of Nethyarii Priests of Dirgion who where slaughtered by the elves during the Elven-Nethyar War. They will often see out and possess the bodies of dead elves. They have the …

  • Agrippa the Defiler

    In the Year 1013, multiple reports of a strange creature have reached the ears of Imperial Authorities. Villagers, travelers and merchant have disappeared on the road that runs south of the Lushaun Forest. Survivors of attacks have described a grey …

  • Idimmu the Demonic

    Idimmu was attracted to the Hidden Temple by the call of the Heart of Sakkara. He quickly made an alliance with the Lady Below. He was slain by a band of heroes who launched an assault on the temple.

  • Hurak Eye Gouger

    Hurak has recently allied himself with the Ruinguard of Sakkara known as[[:the-lady-below | The Lady Below]] and an ogre warlord known as Balgar the Butcher