Ulrand Valerian

Legate of Türos Tem - Deceased


Legate Ulrand Valerian

The legate of Türos Tem is a 45-year-old professional soldier from a junior branch of the great Valerian house. He stands just over 6’, and has muddy green eyes, an aquiline nose, and salt-and-pepper hair combed forward over a proud forehead.


Since the borderlands legions were called away two years ago, Valerian has lacked the manpower to truly protect his legature. Now unlikely to rise further in the Empire’s service, Valerian nevertheless takes his responsibilities seriously and strives to maintain peace and security within his legature. In private, he is prone to brooding on the decay of the Empire, and is oblivious to his wife’s discontent.

Injured during the Battle of Blood Ford, the legate was recovering in the hospital when he was murdered by Lady Valerian’s Doppelganger Agent.

Ulrand Valerian

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