Priestess Genelen

Priestess of Mityara - Deceased


Priestess Genelen

Genelen is 50 years old, and beginning to show her age: Her face is careworn and her hair thinning and white. She conceals her frailty with the voluminous white mantle and shawl of her order.


Genelen administers the hospital within Türos Tem, where she and her staff care for sick and injured soldiers and civilians alike. A priestess of Mityara, goddess of civilization and mercy, she has been chaste and celibate her entire life; in spite (or because) of this, she is an incorrigible flirt capable of making even salty Centurion Ilarion blush.

The priestess was slain during the beastmen raid on Türos Tem. A group of men posing as merchants had infiltrated the fort and during the attack assassinated the priestess during her daily prayers.

Priestess Genelen

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