Oberron 'Bale Eye' Darkcrawler

Dwarven Delver - Tunnel Rat


Class: Dwarven Delver
Template: Tunnel Rat
Level: 3rd
Alignment: Player Knowledge Only


  • STR 10
  • INT 14
  • WIS 13
  • DEX 17
  • CON 16
  • CHA 7

HD: D6
HP: 22

Armor Class : 4


Oberron IV (Darkcrawler)
Age: 33
Sex: Male
Height: 4’8"
Weight: 16 Stone
DOB: 12/22/980
Place of Birth: High Forge, Traladar, Thrace
Family: Oberron III Trollnose (Father), Velma (Mother), Heidi (Sister), Holgrim II (Cousin), 4 other Cousins


“Why do they call me Oberron Darkcrawler? ‘cause I love caves. Dont much care for much else. ’cept dwarven ale of course. I’m no savage. Exploring ‘em, running through ’em, rolling in ’em. As long as I’m in a cave, I’m happiest. Started when I was a wee young lad. Pappy told me to be careful round ‘em, never know what lies within. He’d seen some things on his adventures and such. I had to know see, what was in ‘em. Caves. I wonder if there’s a God of Caves? I’d follow him into any hole. Anyways, didn’t much listen to me Pappy, so into the caves I went. Hallowed Earth, scary place if you aren’t careful. But I’m not most dwarves, learned to run fast and walk real quiet like when I needed. Never been in a cave where I don’t remember the way after neither. Started drawing ‘em all out, got quite the collection back home I do. One day, I’ll go deeper into Hallowed Earth than any other dwarf before me. And Ill do whatever it takes to get me there.”

Oberron 'Bale Eye' Darkcrawler

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