Noelia Nightsong

1st Level Nightblade (Deceiver) Chaotic Female Elf (Callarii)


Noelia is seductive in appearance, has electric blue hair, and is generally coy and reserved, but also can be cold. Her disposition is hot tempered but she is scrupulous by nature. Some may say she is quite foolhardy in the face of danger, but she is really just motivated. She can be perceived as lustful when it comes to her morality. She has a great interest in fishing and is a member of the new hellions.

Noelia Nightsong
1st Level Nightblade (Deceiver)
Chaotic Female Elf (Callarii)

S: 17 (2) | I: 13 (1) | W: 5 (-1) | D: 15 (1) | Co: 14(1) | Ca: 15 (+1)

Saving Throws
P&P: 12+ | P&D: 13+ | B&D: 16+ | S&W: 14+ | Sp: 14+

Base Move Hit Points Armor Class Thac0
120’ 7 3 10+

• Composite bow: 1 to hit; 1d6 Damage
• Short Sword: +2 to hit; 1d6
2 Damage
• Dagger: 2 to hit; 1d42 Damage
• Whip: +1 to hit; 1d3 Damage

• Quiet Magic
• Seduction
• Lip Reading

• Backstab: x2 Damage
• Move Silently: 17+
• Hide in shadow: 19+

Composite bow, quiver with 20 arrows, slender short sword, dagger, coiled leather whip, strappy leather armor, leather cloak, elegant silk tunic and pants, silk sash, high boots, backpack, manacles, 1 week’s iron rations, 30gp

Common (Elven)
Common (Thracian)
Common (Cinnbarii)


Noelia Nightsong

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