Maxentius Galatian

Current Emperor of the Thracian Empire


Reign: (7 Mar 1008 – Current)

Maxentius rose through the senatorial ranks to become the Low Consul, he used his position to buy himself a generalship and joined the Emperor’s Praetorian Guard. After the death of Stefan III, he returned to the capitol and was soon involved in the civil war that followed.

Over half a dozen claimants stepped forth to claim the title of Emperor and fighting soon spilled into the streets of the capitol. Once the dust settled, Maxentius through cunning, guile and skill of arms was the last one standing.

Faced with an empty treasury, a deteriorating military and riots in the capitol, he set forth a number of policies to stabilize the empire. He raised taxes including the taxing of the temples and high ranking nobles and officials. He has started to draw down many of the border forts and reorganize the army and navy to smaller units. In order to bolster the military he has hired a number of barbarian auxiliaries and paid some tribes off to leave the empire alone.

Maxentius Galatian

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