Lord Conor Morning Star

Silver-haired Elven Spellblade and Patricarch of the Morning Star Clan


9th Level Lawful Elven Spellblade


With long silvers locks, chiseled cheekbones and blue eyes, Connor is the epitome of the image of a high elven lord. 5’11” tall, pale skinned elven male with a lean frame clad in rags and makeshift armor. His long straight silver hair is tied back with a leather cord.


Conor is an elf of great intellect and has a soldier’s practical way of looking at things. He is well versed in politics and has a good understanding of imperial and elven civics and the political forces that drive them.


*Common (Elven)
*Common (Thracian)
*Ancient Elven


*Battle Magic
*Unflappable Casting
*Military Strategy
*Collegiate Wizardry
*Knowledge (Elven History)
*Manual of Arms


A member of the patrican class, Conor had been the commander of the WInged Lancers, the elven cataphracts of the City of Selenica. He is also the patriarch of the Morning Star Clan, a prominent Callari Clan in the Thracina Empire.

He was presumed dead after the fall of the City of Selenica to the forces of Chill-Wing. He was discovered and rescude by the Lightbringers.

Lord Conor Morning Star

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