Garrick Aileanach

The Other Brother


Garrick the Arcanist-Avenger

1st Level Elven Nightblade (Neutral)

10 15 11 16 15 15 Armor Class 4
+1 +2 +1 +1 Initiative +2
Movement Distance Saving Throws Throw
Base ft. (inside) / yds. (outside) 60’ Petrification & Paralysis 12+
Combat (1/3 Base) 20’ Poison & Death 13+
Charge/Run 60’ Blast & Breath 16+
Climb (1/4 Base) 15’ Staff & Wands 14+
Stealth (1/2 Base) 30’ Spells 14+
Daily (miles) 12 XX XX

Garrick is a lean, beautiful 5’8” tall Callarii elf with black hair and stunning grey eyes. He has a twin brother Carrick. Garrick and his brother Avery grew up in the Elven Imperial City of Selenica. He and his brother got themselves into trouble quite often in their younger days. In the year 986, the ancient frost dragon Chill-Wing attacked the city leading an army. Garrick and his brother had just turned 50 when they were driven out of Selenica.

Garrick was with his mother in one of the makeshift hospitals when screams could be heard from the streets. The giants had broken down the walls and enemy troops were pouring into the city. Garrick grabbed his mother and they fled running through the streets trying to reach safety. At one point, Garrick felt his mother’s grip go slack and he turned to discover he was just holding his mother’s arm. A gnoll has stepped out of an alley and severed his mother’s arm. He watched in horror as the gnoll cut off her head and then turned towards him. He would have been next if not for a bolt of lightning that incinerated the gnoll and whose blast knocked Garrick out.
Garrick awoke later on the back of a horse. An elven night-blade named Praxis had rescued him and helped the young elf escape from the city. Garrick was now in a refugee train heading to the southern province of the empire, a place called Traladar. The fate of his father and brother Avery was unknown, but Garrick could feel his brother through the bond they shared and knew he was alive.

For the next 20 years Garrick traveled with his mentor Praxis to many different places. It was during these times that Praxis took it upon himself to teach Garrick the way of the Night-Blades and later hone his skills till he was able to achieve the title of Arcanist-Avenger. Once he had achieved this goal Praxis told him it was time for Garrick to go out and experience the world and find his own way.

Garrick soon found himself swept up into the great political movement known as the New Hellions. The elves wanted their city back and the dragon Chill-Wing destroyed. One day while he was balls deep in his favorite halfling prostitute, Ava his favorite human prostitute walked in with him twin brother Avery. In short order, he was reunited with his brother. They took turns fucking the prostitutes and grabbed some wine to get caught up. He soon found out what had happened to Avery and the fate of his father.

Garrick Aileanach

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